Peter Moore: I killed the Dreamcast

Ex Microsoft man, and current EA Sports boss, admits that he made the final decision to pull Sega out of the hardware race

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InMyOpinion3416d ago (Edited 3416d ago )

And now he's slaying the mighty beast known as EA? lol!

Jokes aside, I think he made a wise decision.

InMyOpinion3416d ago

lol! As long as he keeps his sword away from Dead Space and Fight Night round 4 I don't mind. From the looks of recent trailers he's currently busy stabbing the legs of Need for Speed Undercover. Die framerate! Die!

gaffyh3416d ago

All Sega fanboys attack Peter Moore.

iamtehpwn3415d ago

You bastard. I hope you rot in hell.

I love you..Dreamcast ;-;

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Johnny Cullen3416d ago

I feel...betrayed somehow...

okcomputer3415d ago

The biggest betrayal was moore flat out lying and saying that shenmue 2 would be a "last gift" for loyal dreamcast supporters. He reneged and made it an xbox exclusive. I haven't bought a single sega product since.

TheColbertinator3416d ago

No you did'nt,Moore.There was only another company who had the power to bring down SEGA.Unfortunately,that's how the world works.

Killjoy30003416d ago




RealityCheck3416d ago

So MS works on the OS for the Dreamcast, Peter Moore pulls the plug on the Dreamcast and then goes to work for Microsoft who just happens to start a console of their own... Quite a coincidence! <wink> <wink>

TheColbertinator3416d ago

Actually MS was working on their own console since 1999.By 2001,they had no first party developers so they bought a few studios Bungie(Halo) from Apple and Bizzare(Project Gotham) and in 2002 bought Rare(Grabbed by The Goulies) from Nintendo.They never actually created real 1st party unlike Nintendo or Sony so they mostly depend on studios like Rare for games.

By 2001,Sega Dreamcast had died and MS stepped in with no problems.But Moore was'nt the real reason DC had failed no matter how much he wants to believe it.

Kleptic3415d ago

^^uh...yeah...that is sort of what he was getting at...MS was partnered with Sega during original planning of the DC...and where going to handle the systems online infrastructure nearly entirely...

yet MS looked at this as an immediate threat to windows based gaming after just a few market forecasts...and backed out of the deal, keeping all of their online related stuff...which is exactly what would later become XBL...and MS found it much more practical to build their own proprietary hardware, instead of just dealing with the online software...

and yeah, its funny how it was Moore with Sega who was kind of screwed by MS at the a very similar way to what Nintendo did to Sony back in 1993...and its also funny that EA was responsible for the DC taking such a pounding by Sony at the time also, by denying the DC EA created games because of the saturn's 'premature removal from the market'...and Moore is now with EA...

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