Piracy survey results are in, and likely to surprise!

Yesterday the Gaming website Cascade-Gaming conducted a survey on people who pirate video games, today the results are in. "Piracy is an issue in the PC market, and that's always been clear. We decided instead of joining the band-wagon of game review sites we would ask the people who pirate games and indeed those who don't their views on the subject. I think I won't be alone here when I say something's are quite surprising.

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Wayward3598d ago

It's freak just how many people stated they are not buying certain games due to DRM. It's not a small percentage, in fact it's something the studios could fix overnight.

SaiyanFury3598d ago

Yeah but then again, as people point out, EA is the worst with their draconian DRM. And since EA is a big faceless corporation, they won't change their policies. They make most of their money on consoles anyways.

JsonHenry3598d ago

I was going to buy Spore for my wife when I started reading about the DRM restrictions.. so instead she got nothing.

Whenever EA fixes this I will purchase it happily for her. Until then, no way.

Wayward3598d ago

I agree. Spore is one of the few games I was going to buy this year, and bang instantly I decided buying it would justify EA's stupidity.

hay3598d ago

Count me in. Spore isn't great but it's fun and worth to have in collection. I hope that EA gonna remove the DRM.

Proxy3598d ago

Look how many indicated they had problems getting a game to run because of DRM. Or even having a Windows boot issue because of DRM.

I can just see the geek squad visit now (not that I think geek squad is anything special.
Tech Noobie: "Oh noes, my Windows will not boot!"
Geek Squad: "Man this is really screwed up, what was the last thing you remember doing."
Tech Noobie: "I installed Spore."
Geek Squad: "The DRM in that game really screwed your computer over. I'll take a few hours and back up your data and reinstall Windows for you."
-hours later-
Geek Squad: "That will be 300 dolars please. I still couldn't get Spore to run for some reason. You could try to get your money back, but most retailers wont give you your money back, and EA probably wont help you any. 360 dollars later and you still don't have Spore installed."

How many times does someone need to get burned like this to start avoid any and all such DRM?

Wayward3597d ago

Yep you made a good point TheLazyOne. Your right that it's not the surveyors job. I think it's much more straight to the point with just the results. Still getting more people to take it, will update after 1000 people have taken the survey.

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The Lazy One3598d ago

Was this done by a 16 year old? They had the survey up for ~2 days, it only has ~200 votes, and it's really poorly written with some conclusions being either obvious or logically unfounded.

Just pop the graphs up and let someone else interpret. I think a bigger site would have better results. If IGN or something did this, they'd get a much better cross section of the market.

Scelestus3598d ago

Really hard to take this seriously.

Wayward3598d ago

The main goal of this pre release information is to get more results. We're a young site (under a week!) and sites like IGN would not do such a survey, as stated the results are Creative Commons Attribute so people can use them on there own sites etc.

The Lazy One3597d ago

The problem is a lot of your findings are unfounded. Because ~50% of people say they'd be more likely to purchase on steam, for example, doesn't take into account how many of the people that answered that question already prefer steam regardless.

There's a couple other things like that. It's not the surveyors job to interpret the data a lot of the time. Just present the findings, and do the interpretation in a separate piece.

The most important pieces of data by far are the fact that nearly 55% of people will at least be somehow distasteful towards DRM, and that ~80% (unlabled?) of people understand how and why DRM is there.

edit: I see you changed it now though, which is a lot more professional now.

pcgia3597d ago

the survey needs to have alot more participants before it can even consider getting looked at seriously

solar3597d ago

i agree. Crytek recently announced they made a deal with Valve to release both Crysis and Warhead on Steam. great move. because it frees the titles from the DRM from EA. a lot of ppl are going to jump on the chance at both of those games for that reason. i might even. and my PC cant run it. but to have it free of DRM is a great plus.

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