LBP: What Could Go Wrong?

TheSixthAxis: "I'm sure LittleBigPlanet is on many people's most wanted list. It's right at the top of mine. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on it! I'm gonna make a monster truck and a robot and a plane and and and! But before I let my imagination run away with me, I thought I'd try playing devils advocate. Prepare to explore my worst nightmare, what if LittleBigPlanet fails…

How!? Blasphemy! You cry. Well let's just have a look at what could go wrong."

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Omega43445d ago

Out of all the games coming out this holiday LBP probably has the most positive hype

But there are still a few iffy things about the game, like the article mentioned how are you going to find all the great levels when there will likely be 80% of pure averageness/crap. Even if there is a rating system the chances are the creator will get all his friends to give his level 5 stars which will make finding genuinely good levels even harder

The other thing which bothers me is that the game was originally a PSN game, but now its a full priced retail game. I dont know how much addtional content was added to justify the higher price but only having 12hrs of levels/tutorials isnt much espically for a platformer. Fair enough the main focus is with building your own levels but loads of other games have level editors (maybe not as deep) as well like Smash Bros, Halo, Crysis, but the main difference with those games is that they have many other game modes to them. To put it simply can you imagine MS selling Halo 3's forge for $60 alone, cause i cant no matter how greedy they are

Fishy Fingers3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

hmmm... as a 360 supporter I'm not sure why your interested but either way...

1, I doubt you'd have enough friends to rate your level highly if infact it wasn't. There is a good rating systems in place, users have the ability to report levels to admins/mods. When that report is sent it also sends a picture of whats on your screen so the admins/mods can see exa ctly what your concern with the level is and take appropriate action. I'm not sure how else you could monitor it, unless you take the Live approach with their user created content and not rate it at all (even with charged content >_<)

2, When was this a PSN game? Over 2 years ago maybe, since then MASSIVE changes have taken place, the developers have even commented that LBP wouldnt be possible in it's current form unless on BR, that doesnt sound like they've just tacked on a load of extras to the original concept.

And LBP is not a "map editor", it's not like forge or FC2 where your limited to selecting objects from a list given to you, you can actually CREATE new items, not pick from a selection.

LOL at even comparing LBP to Forge....

LeonSKennedy4Life3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

The people with the highest ratings have the highest leverage when rating others' levels.

It's genius!!!

Media Molecule is freakin' awesome, people! The world will know that soon enough.

Meanwhile, here's THIS again:

SullyDrake3445d ago

... Is if nobody buys it, since it's a community game. And nearly everyone with a PS3 is buying it, so nothing can go wrong.

Even if the single player options only last 10-30 hours, the online could potentially last years.

Plus Trophies as a bonus.

LeonSKennedy4Life3445d ago

Forge and SSBB were different things. They were limited. Games like Unreal Tournament, Half-life, Counter Strike, and Crysis aren't...they're PC games. I've actually been exploring RE4 mods on PC lately. They rock!

The thing is, modding isn't user-friendly in any sense of the phrase. Little Big Planet IS!!! That's what they've wanted to do all along and they have done it.

iHEARTboobs3445d ago

"LOL at even comparing LBP to Forge.... " <-- agreed

What the hell were you thinking Omega?

poopsack3445d ago

i didnt know halo's fore had the gameplay itself in it, I also didnt know LBP brought only the level creator.

"Even if there is a rating system the chances are the creator will get all his friends to give his level 5 stars which will make finding genuinely good levels even harder"

same thing would happen in youtube but it doesnt. The miilions of users playing and rating > your friends list rating.

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Equinoxe_73445d ago

This game is not at typical platformer, so 12 hours gameplay is perfect, I think when you have done the game, you would like to create, and share.

And if you just want to play, you can play creations others have made, i really hope this game will be a huge succes.

There is so much you can do with this game, that is what make this game great, and maybe the weakest spot too.

Veronica Belmont3445d ago

Well more people like you could make more stories like this and thats about it.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3445d ago

...everytime i see Veronica Belmont!!! ;-D

Pain3445d ago

Only in Bill Gates / Retard Xbot's Wet dream.

InfiniteUnfloppery3445d ago

"Well more people like you could make more stories like this and thats about it. "

100% Accurate

InfiniteUnfloppery3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Yes Yes,release the Too Human Tears,release it all

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