Euro WipEout HD release date announcement expected later today

VG247: SCEE's just told us that an announcement of the European WipEout HD date is likely to happen today.

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Brixxer6003539d ago

Please be this month.
Please be this month.

There's too many games that i have to buy next month.

cahill3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

thats the EU date as well

pwnsause3539d ago

its this month, 25th of September

MazzingerZ3539d ago

Eurogamer gave it 9/10
"WipEout HD has left me agitated and dissatisfied. Before the usual suspects scamper off to post a comment, with their PS3lols at the ready, perhaps I should clarify. WipEout HD has left me agitated and dissatisfied because the crisp 1080p visuals and rock solid 60fps presentation have made me realise just how compromised the Great HD Gaming Revolution has been.

We've become so accustomed to accepting 720p resolutions and mostly stable 30fps frame rates as the best we can expect that when something really does take full advantage of the display technology available, it can't help make everything else look like a half measure.

In other words, WipEout HD looks f**king phenomenal."

Alvadr3539d ago

Woop 25th.. Getting this the second its available for DL!! :))))

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heyheyhey3539d ago


YES!!!!, no EU delay!!!

this is going to be the best dowloadable game EVER!!! (if your not counting PC torrents)

ustayclassyn4g3539d ago

WOOOOOOOO my new favourite game, that's not gonna be delayed in europe, sweet:D

MAGNUM-RAM3539d ago

when for new York city?!

wetowel3539d ago

Sept 25.
This sure was a pleasent surprise. Thanks sony!

pwnsause3539d ago

"Uh oh!!!
when for new York city?!"

No on the PSN store you Dumb lol. and yes on Sept. 25

Fishy Fingers3539d ago

Nice :)

Wipeout is a big PSN title they've made us wait a long excruciating time for. Hopefully this release date corresponds to ALL territories. We all want this, we all DESERVE this!

Happy Racing :)

Ju3539d ago

$19.99 ? That's an awesome price! Taken that FatalInertia-Wanna-Be-WipeOut- Clone sells for $29.99 on PSN. Oh man, that's possibly a test to see how the PSN can handle a couple of Million downloads at once. So must have this.

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