10 things you didn't know about LittleBigPlanet

Last week, the LittleBigPlanet Manual surfaced on the web. After reading everything, this is what Little Big Madness has to report.

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Silogon3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

So, basically, you can only create what they want you to. You can't create your own shapes for the game, only shapes already in the game or shapes you put together with another shape. You can't animate anything without using some tacked on lever or rig to make it move. This means everything will have a puppet like quality to it.

You can't texture something, you can jsut put a sticker over something. How big can those be? Also, you are restricted to play the game before you even build a level? You then have to collect all those orbs to get new objects in the game? What is that? Why can't we just create our own and put them in the game, oh thats right you can't. Lame, man. Really lame.

The more I learn about this game the less I want it.

Agente473508d ago

Just the thought of building levels for a game before you learn how to play it, shows what a genius you are.

Silogon3508d ago

Isn't that what a tuturial is for? Why not toss one of those in? More over, why don't you explain to me and everyone else what fun is making your own level going to be now if you have to trudge through and complete B.s. task in order to get better stuff for your levels??? See, before we were all under the impression we could make our own content and now that isn't the case. That means you are using the game as a crutch to get more stuff for your levels and that means we won't have anything in the game or our levels they don't want us to have.

We can't simply make an object, put it in motion and skin it how we want. We can't create enemies that move or anything. We can't create our own backdrops and settings, either. We are tied to the 5 layouts that are in the game. That is lame.

Omega43508d ago

i think your over reacting a bit

The shape feature, where you make shapes from other shapes can be very VERY powerful in the right hands. Forza had the same feature and people were about to create entire people with incrediable detail with it so i wouldnt call that a limitation

As for texturing i kind of agree, espeically with the fact that you have to use the eyetoy to get your own stuff into the game, but if they allow you to paint and use the shape system then thats ok

Agente473508d ago

If you think that using a set of basic shapes that you can resize, rotate and combine in any way you want is not being able to build your own content, who cares?

OgTheClever3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Can you please watch this video and then tell me again that you can't make your own shapes.

Brixxer6003508d ago

Your point about Forza is spot on, what some people were able to create with basic shapes was just amazing.

3508d ago
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ape0073508d ago

one thing I know that it's amazing

juuken3508d ago

Preordered it last night.

Can't wait for it!

jerethdagryphon3508d ago

in all honesty a sticker is a small decal texture done right
you can create a weemless tiled texture yes its time consuming and yes id rather jump into photoshop and make textures that way

but there nothing stopping it

3 levels before you can create....did you think thats maybe so you have a few materials andstuff to work from not to mention give oyu an idea of whats feasable

animation its not meant to be sonic or mario with lots of stuff to kill its very charactorful and i bet you can do a lot of stuff to make the animations nice and clever

im goin to get to play it this week so ill let oyu know

Mc Fadge3508d ago

There are actually textures. Things like stone, wood, grass etc, it's all there. Whether or not this affects the base material's properties (ice slippery, metal heavy etc) remains to be seen

Brixxer6003508d ago

I need to stop reading these articles, the wait for this game is driving me insane.

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