Jolt Review: Spore

Jolt reports:

'' Since you're reading this, there's a good chance that you're a certain type of person. Don't worry – it's a good type. You're probably a guy; probably youngish; you own more than one games console; you absolutely love gaming; you like to play online and offline; and you have no trouble responding when someone asks what genres you're into. You're a hardcore gamer, and good on you for it. Now for the downside – Spore probably isn't for you.

Spore is nothing if not unconventional, as it's split up into five segments. After picking a home planet, you start out with a tiny piece of plankton swimming around in some primordial goo where you move your tiny chap around on a 2D plane using a simple click interface. Even at this early stage in the game, the way you play starts to shape the evolution your species immediately. For example, it's unlikely that your creature will grow up to become a herbivore if you insist on eating everyone you encounter.

As you swim around, you'll come across body parts from meteor fragments and other creatures that become available for you to evolve your spore with. Every time you hump one of your own kind, you're taken into an ultra-simple version of the creature creator where you can start upgrading features such as swimming aids and defences. Like an incredibly basic action game, the defences on your creature correspond to how well it protects itself. So, placing some spikes on its back and arse is a good idea if you don't fancy getting eaten.''

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