New Grand Theft Auto IV PC Screenshots

The Grand Theft Auto IV image gallery on Strategy Informer has been updated with 9 new screenshots.

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Silogon3564d ago

You know what's sad? Everything about GTA4 was lame. Niko Belic was the worst damn character. He was boring and just uninteresting. I didn't give to squirts of PI$$ about the guy. The GTA3 guy had more personality than this Ham did.

the whole story of GTA4 was just contrived and boring. It was like a showtime orginal picture without a budget. I wish R* would fold up this franchise for good.

Extreme_Coolcat3564d ago

Sorry JamieSI, but these screenshots are from GC and way old.

check this:

Charmers3564d ago

Yeah I have to concur these screenshots were released during Leipzig in August. So they are far from new.

killalot1003564d ago

they are upscaled console pics and no it not the same thing.