The 15 Best Final Fantasy Heroes Of All Time

A story is only as strong as its hero. Final Fantasy has a long history of great protagonists, and here are a few of Screen Rant's favorites.

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Ranma1345d ago

The best FF hero is Cloud.

The worst is Vaan and Lightning

angelosam345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

vaans brother should have been the main character, he more of a warrior. vaan for some reason is perceieved as wussy? maybe because his is flamboyant, he gives off a homosexual feeling. maybe thats why some people avoid him?

Ranma1345d ago


are you saying i am a homophobe because i dont like vaan?

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ShadowWolf712345d ago

Disagree. Cloud's far from the best.

-Foxtrot345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I don't know I liked Cloud but I found Squall better because I know some don't like to admit it as they wanted to hate the game or never finished but his character development was better

Squall went from a lonely, selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader surrounded by friends and the girl he loves. He finally got over his past which crushed him as a child.

The fact he's not mentioned in this list is ridiculous

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naruga345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

i say with ease Cloud should be first ...BUT not the today manio-depressed emo freak Cloud , the Cloud as it was originally designed in FFVII ( not in the unlimited spin offs) , energetic , lighthearted, a bit goofy and somewhat seasoned and self-confident ... though later character creation was left alltogether to Nomura which is known for overdepressed chars following japanese trends

angelosam345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Cloud being emo, i actually itnerpret him as being hard and not showing emotions or tears. i think thats how they tried to build him

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Irishguy95345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Hmm I guess, I haven't played FF13-2 or 13-3

But...she was nothing like cloud? At least in the first. Cloud is...quite a character. He's weak. Until he becomes strong. Happy, weird guy. Unless you count depressed Advent children cloud.

Lightning was..geez almost the opposite, in FFXIII.

Woah Emo? Not showing emotions?? Seriously? DId you even play FF7?

Pozzle345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

I'm replaying FFVII now and had completely forgotten how many funny lines Cloud has in the game. I was nearly rolling on the floor when he is dressed like a woman and Don Corneo's men are coming onto him, and he reveals that he is a man with the line, "I ain't INTERESTED in a buncha scrubs like you!"

He could have said anything badass to reveal himself, but instead he went with that haha. Oh, how I love the goofy Cloud from FFVII ("Let's mosey!"). It's sad how one-dimensional and pessimistic his portrayal in the sequels and spin-offs have been. He's actually pretty funny in the original game.

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FallenAngel1984345d ago

Cloud is overrated. There are plenty of other FF protagonists that are better than him

Ranma1345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Why is cloud over rated and which characters do you think are better?

FallenAngel1984345d ago

Vivi, Balthier, Cecil, Celes, just to name a few

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TC731345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

@FallenAngel Balthier was an annoying know-it-all. Celes would've been completely forgettable if not for the opera scene. Vivi's meh and Cecil's decent.

FallenAngel1984345d ago

If you want to just casually dismiss all these characters you could easily do the same for Cloud.

I'm not saying Cloud is a bad character, but I'm not going to pretend he's the best thing this franchise has to offer

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Irishguy95345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Am surprised no Noctis folk here,

zidane, noctis, cloud for me. In no particular order.
Cecil was good too. Auron was excellent too.

To note, I kinda...dislike the stereotypical hero. Who has no faults.

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Ranma1345d ago

I do not think Square Enix developed his back story enough. But Noctis is probably a stronger lead than Lightning

Irishguy95345d ago

Eh, whats to know, he's royalty, his mother died at a young age, hes pretty much...normal. In his backstory. Which makes the end of the game all the better. Hes not special. Hes not better than other people. Yet, he is what he is by the end.

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DarkOcelet346d ago

No love for Final Fantasy Xii or Final fantasy xv's cast.

Balthier should have been there easily.

Ranma1345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

The only good and main character in FF12 is Balthier

DarkOcelet345d ago

I loved the whole cast tbh.

345d ago
angelosam345d ago

FFXII didnt have any good characters

TC731345d ago

Agreed. FF12's entire cast was terrible. ESPECIALLY smug-ass Balthier.

xtheblackparade345d ago

Squall. Seifer was cool as well but, you know.

Ranma1345d ago

I really wished Seifer was a playable character. Its a shame he wasn't.

The gunner was good as well, forgot his name.

But I think Adel and Ultemecia were terrible villians.

Irishguy95345d ago

Agreed, Edea and Seifer were good.

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Pozzle345d ago

I didn't mind Adel, though a bit more backstory would have been good to see. She was supposed to be a terrifying and oppressive ruler 20 years prior to the game, but that wasn't really shown with her brief appearance. It would have been cool to see a proper Laguna flashback that actually showed how scary it was to live under Adel's reign, showing Laguna fighting in the resistance group, and ending in a boss battle against her where he finally sealed her in the Sorceress Memorial chamber.

Instead we got a short scene showing Adel falling for the stupidest trick imaginable, then becoming trapped in the chamber after Laguna kicks her in the back. Not a very climactic way for such a scary dictator to go.

-Foxtrot345d ago


There should have been a CGI film with Laguna and co in a prequel story going against Adel or at least a prequel game.

That would have given her some development.

DragonKnight344d ago

Irvine? Or Laguna? Both used guns. Laguna is FFVIII's best character. Game could have easily been about him since his sequences were more interesting with better battle music.

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angelosam345d ago

Shadow is probably one of the best ninjas in gaming. WatchMojo put him in their best ninjas in gaming list. some older characters are so under rated, its unfair

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