Halo Wars Leak #2 - Campaign Character Images

Addict Gaming Writes "Well guys, yesterday we brought you some freshly leaked images of the Brute Chieftain from Halo Wars, today we bring you 3 new character renders that you'll be seeing in the "Real Time Cutscenes" of Halo Wars. You'll notice that the renders are of a Marine, The Spirit Of Fire's AI Serina and a ships commander, most likely to also be from the Spirit Of Fire. These have once again come from the same tipster as yesterday, so thank you to him/her for continuing to support us!

Anyway, check them out and see what you think!"

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GameOn3565d ago

Im a big fan of the Halo story, even if I didn't really like the 2nd or 3rd games. Also my pc is too sh!tty to run games, so hopefully this console RTS will succeed where others have failed.