Rumor: Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch Will Include New Characters

Just a few, but hope all the same.

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AizenSosuke590d ago

Okay defintely buying Switch.

588d ago
BlackIceJoe589d ago

I'd be down for seeing Mike from StarTropics and this would be a nice way to tease a new game.

TheROsingleB589d ago

Why WOULDN'T it have new characters? :|

deafdani589d ago

Because it's not a brand new Smash game, it's a port of Smash 4 or a special edition of Smash 4 or something like that.

TheROsingleB588d ago

So it's basically getting the Street Fighter treatment with it's different editions; all of which included new characters. Street Fighter 4 I would point at specifically as the recent example. "SF4, Super SF4, Super SF4 Arcade Edition"

deafdani588d ago

Exactly. Super Smash Bros For Switch Turbo HD Remix. XD

NotoriousWhiz589d ago

Calling it now. Splatoon guy/girl will be a character.

588d ago
FunkyGoron589d ago

Snake, Ice Climbers, Waluigi, Tails, Splatoon character(s)... King K Rool, Funky Kong, Frog from Chrono Trigger

588d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.