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Obviously all three platform holders are working on their next generation consoles, we even know that Microsoft have given theirs the codename "phoenix". It is also pretty obvious that all three will be scaled versions of the current generation consoles with up to four to five times the power. They will use massively enhanced versions of the same GPUs and CPUs and will have a lot more memory. Backwards compatability will be 100%.

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Durffen3470d ago

When it comes to the 360 and PS3, I believe the GPU is fine. I mean, a GPU that is four to five times stronger then the current ones? Games would look so real it would be just flat out scary. I don't want games to looks too realistic.

JsonHenry3470d ago

I am betting that MS will use a an AMD CPU/GPU next generation. With that kind of familiarity to developers they should rack up the exclusives and timed exclusives with no problems. I just hope they have learned their lesson with not adding enough system RAM to help future proof their products a little better.

But if you think about it - when the consoles launched they could handle almost every current PC game on high detail at 1024*720. So with games that look like Crysis, Far Cry 2, and Stalker being "old" games by the time the new systems launch imagine what the next gen consoles are going to be capable of!! ( even if they will be outdated in two months time by PC standards )

Real Gambler3470d ago

HDTVs are 1920X1080, so pretty much any current GPU can do that very easily. This standard is not about to change since it's limited by the cable bandwith. Sure there's already 2X HDTV and even 4X HDTV, but for 10 to 15 years to come, 1920X1080 is the standard that future game consoles have to meet, and again, this can already be done easily with today's GPUs.

On a side note, I can't believe they have picked "Phoenix" for the 360!!!

From Wikipedia:
"It has a 1,000 year life-cycle, and near the end the phoenix builds itself a nest of cinnamon twigs that it then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again."

Hmmm, a long life-cycle, and bursting into flames at the end. Personally? I would have picked another name : )

perseus3470d ago

But the PS3 losses haven't wiped out the PS2 profits, that's just silly.

And MS certainly hasn't brought off any brilliant long-term strategy, they are losing this generation glorified 2600 connected to a waggle-stick. The PS3 and XBox360 are pretty much even in terms of sales now that the PS3 has been released everywhere.

Methinks you haven't really thought this stuff through.

Wishing something is true isn't the same as it being true, Bruce.

demonddel3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

How out of nowhere you just start comparing the systems they dint compare 1 against the other whats the matter,you act like a woman jealous because all her friends look and doing better than her so she cut them down to make herself feel good about her short coming and loses.Dont be jealous everybody gonna get a chance to shine you either had urs or you gonna get it be patience.

perseus3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

I'm sorry, if you had wanted a response to your post, you should have written it in English. What you wrote is completely incomprehensible.

French, German, or Japanese are also fine. Just choose a real language.

demonddel3470d ago


perseus3470d ago

I guess it's really hard to make yourself understood when English is your second language, isn't it?

That's cool. Maybe next time.

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Product3470d ago

Backwards compatibility will be 100%...yea..thats what they all say.

XboxOZ3603470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

Excellent stuff Bruce. Yes, I also believe we'll see the x720 (Phoenix) by late '09 or around March=April '10. As that's when the Valhalla will drop which is the motherboard for the x720 and earmarked for a late '09 early '10 release.

Many believe that the next xbox won't come out until 2012 or later, but MS cxan not wait that long. Their '03 white paper called XE 03 called on a release of the 360 successor in or around the 5 year period from the 360's release, which would fall inline with the 2010 release.

Their usual periods for release are around November and April of each year which fall in line with their financial periods. So a March April 2010 release of the x702 (phoenix) is more likely.

This will place them in the same position as the Playstation, running two models, with different SKU's, eventually dropping the 360 down to one model only, most likely the Elite but in Pro cloths.

Most believe the 1st-Ge Xbox failed. But it did exactly what MS wanted. It introduced developers to the platform, showed the public there was an alternative to Sony's Playstation, and it's main objective - get people involved in XboxLive.

So that when the 360 arrived, XboxLIVE would carry them right into the future of gaming, big time. And it has worked out almost to the letter.

At perseus

I believe Bruce is on the money, and if you check out some of the facts around it, do some digging, you'll find this was their plan from as early as 2002 when the 360 first began life. The whitepaper for the 360's future was proposed by MS heads to the Xbox Team as early as mid late 2002 early 2003 and was delivered to both Gates and Robbie Bach. They gave it the "official" green light in August 2003.

all this information is out there and readily available, you just have to look.

@ Product,

Of course it will have full Backward compatibility. All games from current will play, and all XO wil play as well. It's why the Backward Compatibility Team was shut down earlier this year. As MS had give a target of support on the BC for t=1st-gem titles until late 2007, which it did. Then they brought in XO which will allow al titles they work on from the 1st-gen to play on the new motherboards, Valhalla included, which runs a Unified CPU and GPU and possibly even smaller nano-construction that=n 65nm . . . but that bit IS speculation at the moment.

perseus3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

His data isn't suspect, but his predictions become so when he's obviously only using data that supports his conclusion.

Edit: On top of that, his predictions are irrelevant when he's obviously pushing some sort of agenda with the piece. It's just silly.

XboxOZ3603470d ago

SO I presume you mean he needed to write it as a "possibility" . . . rather than say fact ?

Thing is, most of what has been said is fact with regards to both Sony, MS and NIntendo workingon their successors. Sony have been squirreling away on the proposed PS4 for some time now, not that any Sony fans want to hear that, as they believe the PS3 is here to stay - forever.

Thing is, they (Sony) know it can never recover the loses it has incurred from the PS3,even their CEO Sir Howard Stringer admits that. So the only logical way circumvent that is to bring in a newer model as they phaseout the PS2, so that the PS3 takes its place, an dthe PS4 begins the new cycle.

It will no doubt be smaller in its engineering aspect, as they are already scaling it back from what KK first fronted to the public, at great costs to Sony. Nintendo know that while they have a great first level non-gamer platform, they also need to stick their toe, read legs, into the pool of HD as not to will put them at odds with the growing HD user base gathering speed around the globe.

The Blu-Ray, while great will not be the Be-all-and-end-all of gaming as some said it would be. Sony used it the same way they did with the DVD9 with the PS2, to introduce a new movie playback format into the world.

Most developers agree they do not need the huge storage the BR supplies, and at times it prove a hinderance with some developers. Slowing production down, rather than speeding it up.

We have Digital Download approaching, and while it will not affect many countries outside the big two, Nth America and Europe, it will become one of the main delivery methods for games and movies, in times to come.

So huge disc storage will nor be needed, just huge HDD's instead.

SO MS sticking a BR in their next xbox is most definitely something they will not be doing, as it would fly in the face of what they are working towards, digital downloading.

Apple have perfected it (well almost) and Sony and Nintendo and MS are playing the game of "catch-up" in that arena . . . But it's an avenue they all will be going down.

That's not to say the days of Disc bound games are coming to and end. It simply means for faster delivery, and bigger audience, it will (digital DL) it will definitely have that area covered. But the remainder of the globe who w=do not have the speed or coverage that Europe and Nth America do, will need to rely on Disc-Delivery for some time to come.

So the nay-sayers of both sides are basically banging their heads on the way. Biith will be active for some time to come.

Most of what was written in the XE 03 white papers, of which there were 3 version btw, each one dealing with a different time span and game plan, but linked together, have fallen in place, even if they were pushed to get it there.

Like the release of the first model 360 that basically was released with Known faults due to bean counters telling production they needed to REMOVE the high cost water cooler which was original planned and in the prototypes. So when the 360 did launch, it was sans the copper water cooler that had been designed for it, thus causing long term issues.

They eventually replaced the water cooler in the way of refurbishing the units, which is why we see the cooler son the repaired one, and are now common in all new 360's. There were 9 final versions of the 360 design, all very similar in shape, sort-of, but the one chosen was most certainly the best looking one from then all.

I have pics of all 9 and some look quite odd to say the least. They are all stood on their ends next to each other, and the current 360 stands out like a gem amongst the others.

perseus3470d ago

You assume a heck of a lot from my single comment.

Ju3470d ago

I'm just curious how games would look like if they'll introduce a 360++ so early. So, then there's a 360, a 360++ and the PS3. And multi-platform games look the same on all three ? Or how will they convince 3rd party to develop for a 360++ but still sell on the "old" 360 ?

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jerethdagryphon3470d ago

720 should launch nov 2009
it would hold with mses current pattern

ps4 will launch a year or so after but ibet thell have dev kits in ist party hands 18 months before so they get used to new code

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