14 HD screenshots of FIFA 09 has posted 14 high def screenshots of Fifa 09.

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rushbd3596d ago

I played the demo. And if it didnt have FIFA09 written i'd think it's FIFA08. They didnt even redesign the menu system.

RuffRyder3596d ago

You did not play the demo at all, because if you did you would notice the improved physics, game speed and player animation straight away.

crazy250003596d ago

The animation was ok... =/

Lord Anubis3595d ago

i too played the demo and the things that i have hated about Fifa games are still present. THe characters get locked up on animations for example when passing through the character will some times wait until the ball get to them or the player will keep running in the same direction with out letting you change direction untill they meet the ball or get cut off.

batichon frandy3596d ago

im not impressed about fifa 09 and i still think uefa had better gameplay than fifa 09

Gianni3595d ago

I played the demo, and the game looks no where like those screen shots, to start with there is absolutely no distance Blur effect in replays or in game like those screen shots + the in game gfx does not look that sharp. I am 100% sure those images are DEF not INGAME but photoshoped.

iistuii3595d ago

And its as poor as its allways been, like kicking a lead balloon, 200 hundred changes,mmmmmm cant see any. But as long as its got all official kits and balls eh. hehe. I dunno EA sports typical effort.

GVON3595d ago

don't forget that the demo was a much earlier build and had things removed to keep it to a smaller file size.


it was the same last year, I never liked the 08 demo so never got the game but I know people who did and say there were very noticeable improvements