Pocket Gamer: The Force Unleashed Review

It's difficult to enjoy a game when equal time is spent fighting unresponsive controls as you do enemies. Functional 3D graphics certainly don't add anything to the experience and unfortunately the two multiplayer modes can't make up for a lukewarm single-player game. Something's been unleashed here, but it isn't the Force.

Audio/Visual - 5
Gameplay - 5
Value - 7
Innovation - 4
Overall -

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miasma3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

This is still a Star Wars title, so for me, good or bad, I am going to pick this up Day 1. Many of these reviews lately have been pretty suspect anyway.

psycho3603591d ago

WTH?? These guys are crazy or what? I loved the demo and definately will be playing this game.

LOL oops just saw that its ninty ds review.

Unreal29013591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

This game is in my opinion 8 out of 10 im playing the full version at the moment i just dont understand why its getting average reviews, visuals 5 your kidding me this game has got stunning graphics and im happy i got this game. off to play some more. Dont let review scores put you of guys it seams to be happening alot just lately bad reviews that is . i guse they just wont hits on their website dont be fooled by pocket gamer noooooo WHOOPS ITS THE DS VERSION DOH... DOH

SullyDrake3591d ago

It's POCKET GAMER. You can't put a PS3 or 360 in your pocket can you?

Dark SeRaNADE3591d ago

I've Tried the DS version if this game. it is exactly as it says above, a lukewarm sinle player.

the game itself is extremely laggy, and half the time, when im frantically tapping the touch screen to swing the lightsaber, he stands there like an idiot with a pole up his A$$ awful game indeed.

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