GameSpot Reviews Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

The Force Unleashed's action can be incredible, though it too often strays from what it does best.

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KazumaKiryu3477d ago

Seems a fair score. Was kind of expecting it as well.

Rock Bottom3477d ago

The game was over hyped for no reason, the scores it's getting now are embarrassing.

nieto3477d ago

it is Star Wars we are talking about for God sake!

MK_Red3477d ago

It's really sad that such a revolutionary set of technologies used in a game with weak level design that doesn't take full advantage of them.
I mean, GTA4 had only one of the 3 physics engines (Euphoria) and that ended up the most fun aspect of the game (At least to me). This game has Euphoria along with DMM and advanced Havoc, a great storyline and great art design, all which are ruined but glitches, bad design choices and other stupid stuff. Just sad.

AlphaTrion1873477d ago

had it since thursday level design after the first stages are very detailed junk planet especially. u are bad ass this is fact. there are many lil things i started noticing while i was playing that were so cool the engines they madeare there. smash a window stuff goes flying out window closes with a panel yeah trees cant be cut like that, scars are made on anything ur lightsaber touches so on and so on.But its star wars bro what u wana play Unleashed or wii fit jk kinda harsh also to hell wit that clone wars game (wii) is officailly of the rader on anything period ima fan of nintendo as well but they have let me down too many times

KiddyBrownTurd3477d ago

demo had sh1t animations and lip syncing......

dkgshiz3477d ago

This might not be a buy. But Im sure its at least a rental.

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