Doctors: 'Pee and Win a Wii'

Slashgamer writes: "Doctors in the UK are trying to get 15-25-year-olds tested for the STD chlamydia. Get this, the way they're getting the young adults to participate in the testing is giving them a opportunity to win a Nintendo Wii."

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ape0073473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

pee and win a ps3

haha,everyone's gonna pee

TheColbertinator3473d ago

"I guess the Wii is more important than chances her cervix, urethra, and the glands of the ‘place we’ll never see‘ all become inflamed because of the STD. Seriously though, have you played Boom Blox?"

Boom Blox is f*cking awesome

Hagaf223473d ago

"giving them a opportunity to win a Nintendo Wii" keyword being opportunity..... actual odds of winning are 1: 98529395839286710938271.5

Smacktard3473d ago

Err... or 1 in the number of people participating? Maybe even more.

Silogon3473d ago

Anyone who has an STD more often than not shouldn't have ever been in the position to contract it. They're too stupid to be having sex, they're too stupid to make self conscious decisions in life and ultimately these are the idiots who have children.

STD's should be eradicated by now. Morons, whores, and lonely douche horns who pay for sex are the reasons they're not. Use your heads.

LeShin3473d ago

omg I can just see it now:

PATIENT: You called me down here, so what's the verdict?

DOCTOR: Well I've got some good news and some bad news.


DOCTOR: Well the bad news is you're manhood's just turned green and is about to fall off and become totally useless. On the bright side, the good news is you've just won a Wii with Wii music! Congrats!

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