ShortList: Peter Molyneux interview

ShortList writes: "Fable II on Xbox 360 is going to tell you one of the greatest stories ever, and to do that it's using a dog.

On the 24th of October Microsoft Studios and Lionhead studios will release Fable II, the sequel to the 3 million-selling Fable, recipient of fifty gaming awards. At the head of this ambitious project is industry icon Peter Molyneux, a self-described "no hoper" who was lowest-scoring student in the history of his school.

Casual gamers might not be familiar with Molyneux as a personality, but will most likely know his work. As the leading force behind classics such as Populous, Theme Park, and Black and White, Molyneux, inventor of the "God Game", has carved out a place for himself as the industry's most ambitious games designer. He and his studio stand at the forefront of artificial intelligence in video games."

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