IGN's Review for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PS3

IGN's Review for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the PS3

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MK_Red3565d ago

Hmmm, 7 and something is is pretty much the unversal score. 7.5 from GameSpot, 7.3 from IGN and such. The only exception is the EGM whoe gave a really low rating. (It's 5.4 or something on MetaC).

MK_Red3564d ago

Shame indeed. This game had all the tools need for a great game, story, graphics and technology. It sadly lack the most important thing, developers up to the challenge and designers that can actually take advantage of what they have instead of just showing the tech.

This could have been the first truly next-gen game for PS3 and 360 where gameplay wasn't possible on Wii since Euphoria and DMM are PS360 exclusive and PS2 and Wii don't have them since they can't handle these. It's a shame indeed.
Pretty bad start for Fall IMO. First Mercs 2 and now this. Both with potential but...

TheColbertinator3564d ago

Part of the industry.Next-gen is very tough on developers and even the great ones of the past(Factor 5,Silicon Knights,Tri-Ace,Free Radical,Pandemic) are having a tough time staying in the spotlight with development problems

jay33564d ago

Eh, 7 is still a good score. No where near what it should have been considering all the hype, but still, glad to see it's at least a good game. I'll probably pick it up, the demo was alright. There's nothing else out at the moment =/

Winter47th3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

7's a disastrous score if you take in mind the plethora of games coming out, October and November's just around the corner, save your hard earned 60$ for the gems on the way, closest is Brothers in Arms on the 23rd.

MK_Red3564d ago

Good point about the next-gen being different and many good devs from the past not doing so good this time around. Thankfully, some of the great devs like Infinity Ward and Valve did manage to keep the quality of their works and in some occasions, even improved.
Let's hope other good teams don't disappoint.

As for the score of 7, I agree that it's a good / fair score but as Winter47th, this is no normal year or time. Sure, if it was during the drought of games like early days of next gen or in a normal mid summer where there weren't many games, it would have been alright but its 2008, a year that so many consider one of the best years of gaming and most of it's heavy hitters are coming in these months. I mean, I want Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, Fable 2, Prince of Persia, LBP, MotorStorm 2, MK vs DC and more just on my buy list... and I'm skipping a lot of popular games.

While I don't believe in reviews and think everyone should try every game, this fall this is simply impossible unless you are a millionare. Most people will be forced to rely on scores and 7 is definitly not so good in such season.
Still, I'm getting this one since I really want to play with the force.

TheColbertinator3564d ago

True wise words from you,MK.Some developers have done well.Insomniac Games,Bungie,and Bioware have all performed spectacularly this generation so its not yet over for those who made a few mistakes.

I will buy Force Unleashed for the PSP just to stay in touch with the Force though.Fallout 3 or Fable 2 will be my first tough call next month and I hope I make the right choice.

joydestroy3564d ago

i saw this coming after i played the demo. this won't even be a rent for me. i already made the mistake of renting Mercs 2 :/

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ape0073564d ago

for me the game is from 8.5 to 9

I don't care of what anybody says

AngryXbot3564d ago

Somehow just doesnt do it.


There, better. Its a star wars game. Enough said. Mediocrity.

TheColbertinator3564d ago


I think Battlefront and KOTOR are the exceptions to what you said.

AngryXbot3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

9 out of 10 star war games are FLOPS.

Force Unleashed is no different, lets face it. Why else would the Apprentice be in SC4. Guys were desperately promoting their game.

TheColbertinator3564d ago

Fine.I'm not buying the PS3/360 version anyway.I'm opting for the PSP version instead.

KiddyBrownTurd3564d ago

he's a stupid droid. of course he doesn't know of KOTOR's greatness.

KOTOR was one of the BEST games of last gen.

and we don't have to mention the BRILLIANT rogue squadron series on GayPube.

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Jamegohanssj53564d ago

Wow and all the hype that people built around this game. Ha ha.


Cheboury3564d ago

Also it seems like the PS3 is visually the better version as it has less tearing and framerate issues.

That is strange given the fact that my exprerience with the DEMO was the other way. I wasn't blown away by the game nor by its visuals... so that said I am not completely surpirsed by the score.

nn3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

i will just rent the game but i'm not sure for what platform.
IGN says in the review:
"The Xbox 360 version has bits of screen tearing and framerate stuttering."
Gamespot says in the review:
"Visual bugs, momentary pauses, and frame rate drops are relatively common, and somewhat more prevalent in the PlayStation 3 version. We encountered instances of blinking textures, incomplete geometry, and on the PS3, multiple occasions when enemy character models would immediately disappear upon defeat."
It is like they played different games. Also it looks like there are some audio problems with both of them.

Cheboury3564d ago

Interesting for sure! Who played which or who is playing who?

Nevertheless I seriously doubt that I will pick up this game, at least not this year. The months to come are loaded with some heavy duty games.

Bargain bin is where I will eventually pick up this game.

harrisk9543564d ago

The IGN review on the Xbox version points this out and gives the 360 version a 7.5 on graphics and the PS3 an 8.0 on graphics. Yet, they both get an overall of 7.3.... interesting!

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