UGO Hands-On Defense Grid: The Awakening

UGO writes: "In just the last couple years, the Tower Defense genre has blossomed into a viable competitor in the casual gaming market. Most of the credit goes to Paul Preece, the independent developer behind the flash sensation Desktop Tower Defense. His game is probably responsible for such a drastic drop in productivity that the economy stumbled for a few days while every cognitive person with a working Internet browser plugged away at the title. And with recent games like PixelJunk Monsters and Lock's Quest (which just released on Tuesday for the DS) it's clear that there're many different avenues that developers can take with the genre.

Enter Hidden Path Entertainment and their tower defense game, Defense Grid: The Awakening. What do you get when Mark Terrano, the guy responsible for one of the greatest RTS' of all time (Age of Empires II), takes a spin at tower defense? Is it guaranteed gold? We recently got our hands on the near-final build of the casual PC and XBLA game."

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