GI.Biz Interview: Ian Baverstock - Part Two

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Following part one of the interview with Ian Baverstock, here the Kuju boss explains how the industry has matured, the benefits of rebranding studios, and he gives his evaluation of the progress of developer body Tiga under CEO Richard Wilson.

Q: Do you think original IP is more exciting than working on licenses or franchises?

Ian Baverstock: I think the people making the games often think it's more exciting, which is obviously a very important part of it. From a business point of view there are swings and roundabouts. If you've got a big license, or you're working on somebody else's big license, then you're reasonably guaranteed the product's going to be successful and get lots of marketing support, and so on.

With original IP it's harder to make that kind of thing to stick, so it depends on which aspect of the business you're talking about."

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