BluRay For XBOX 360 Fact Or Fiction?

So Much Speculation on BluRay for the XBOX 360. Is it coming? Is it not coming? Article brings up some good points on where it may be?

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ape0073445d ago

no,maybe a fiction

cause after nearly 3 years,how the hell you'r gonna introduce a new blu-ray drive,it's like adding a second analog to psp

1)it will be expensive

2)3 years or 2 years later

3)used for movies,not used for games

4)every ps3 have a blu-ray drive

5) you'll pay more money on it

6)most people have ps3 and 360 together(screw fanboys,for me 360 and ps3 are friends)so are they gonna buy it again???

ps3 has it internal,an outside piece looks very ugly to me

if ms wanna inrtoduce blu-ray,just do it in the next xbox,so games can be used also,that's my advice for them,I know they know all that

furyswrath3445d ago

Just throwing this out there.. But what about all those who bought XBOX's because they can be more than just a gaming console. i.e Multimedia box. Those who use there xbox as a Home Entertainment system may would like to see a BluRay Player.

Now my personal opinion I too rather them just wait and do a full integration. But at the same time even if they make an external one dont mean you have to go buy it. Only those who would like that BluRay feature would buy it.

mikeslemonade3445d ago

Microsoft doesn't care about blu-ray right now because they see it as not profitable and it's defintely not going to sell 360s because it's gonna be another external add-on that isn't going to attract people to buy it. The PS3 is all in one so blu-ray sells systems for Sony.

StephanieBBB3445d ago

Then multiplats and 360 exclusives would have gotten much bigger and better and would not have been hold back by the outdated dvd9.

MorganX3445d ago

As long as MS can hold their own without one, you won't see it. If PS3 begins to realize significant sales due to Bluray, MS has a design ready for production.

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Jamie Foxx3445d ago

360 owners dont because games wont be made on bluray(if it was then that would be a different matter), dvds are still the king right now so there hddvd players will be used to upscale,buying an additional bluray drive just for movies would be a waste of money

InfiniteUnfloppery3445d ago

We strongly Encourage Microsoft to Adopt our Hi-Definition Format for their Next Flop Console,after all,their Games and Developer Relations are suffering as a Result of their Costly Decision to support the Outdated DVD Format this Generation

AngryXbot3445d ago

Blu Ray = Sony

HD DVD = Microsoft

Sony = PS3
Microsoft = 360

1+1 = 2

Conclusion: Blu Ray for 360 = fiction

JasonPC360PS3Wii3445d ago

WOW! and the PS3 is in last place.

el_bandito3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Do it on the xbox 720. Nuff said.

ape0073445d ago

that man is right

you said it short and straight

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3445d ago

Not another blog being posted here. Please baby Jesus, smite these unholy submitters and their bloggers too?

BTW, MS have been pretty keen on digital distribution. They believe this will be the future of home movie entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.