NintendoFIN: Interview with Eric Nofsinger (The Conduit, High Voltage Software)

NintendoFIN writes: "he Conduit is one of the most anticipated Wii titles at the time. First Person Shooter with conspiracy theories and space aliens is already praised by game medias. Graphically it has been called almost 360-matching title and the huge amount of features raised the expectations even higher. The lead designer Eric Nofsinger gave KonsoliFIN an interview, and the readers had a nice opportunity to ask few questions from Eric, too.

Q: What is a typical day for you at High Voltage?

A: LOL, typically my days are full of meetings, trying to nail down all the details of an issue and get everyone on the same page, be it the way an enemy behaves or the music in a mission, etc. But this leaves the other designers free to actually work on the details, which in turn has given us the great game that we have so far."

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