SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary Trailer Released: "The Legend Will Never Die"

Today Bandai Namco released a definitely intriguing trailer titled "SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary," celebrating the past chapters of the popular fighting series.

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blackblades716d ago

Hopefully a console game with a new game or remastered or remake. Not a mobile game to conside with there slot machine.

Kevlar009715d ago

Hopefully a remake of Soul Calibur 2. Weapon Master Mode is one of the greatest game modes of any game.

jwillj2k4715d ago

Id prefer a remake of the original Dreamcast Soul Calibur. The fighting mechanics were much more fluid, almost like moving art. IGN's only 10/10 fighting game till this day i think.


Likely nothing we would hope for... Love this series and wish more was done with it.

Hoffmann716d ago

The anniversary was back in January btw.

Celebrated by yours truly together with his friends.

Kashima716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Dat plot in thumbnail!

Deadpooled715d ago

Lmfaooooo that thumbnail. Those clothes must be really strong to hold them in place lol.

AnubisG716d ago

I'd love to see a remake of Soul Blade (Soul Edge).

Hoffmann716d ago

Same here. Including new takes on all music tracks of the original..but also with the option to listen to the original tracks from the game.

716d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.