Gaming Nexus: Gamerz Interview Part 1

Gaming Nexus writes: "You thought the Gamerz article was done? Not by a long shot my friend. Sean Colleli and I didn't just sit on our butts and play a few games, we actually did some journalism. We interviewed Charlie the unofficial general manager, Barbara Jones Vice President, and Ken Jones President of Gamerz.

Part 1 Interview with Charlie

Charlie is the man to go to when Ken and Barbara aren't around. He is the oldest of the staff at Gamerz and the most knowledgeable and I've found myself talking to him for a good time while I was supposed to be picking out a game to play.

Q:[Nathan] What is the absolute best part of working at Gamerz? The one thing that really keeps you coming back?

A: For me it's probably that I live literally right across the street. I can wake up like 15 minutes before I come to work, hop in the shower and then come over here and get things moving."

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