Gaming Nexus: GTR Evolution Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Every now and then, a product comes along with a name that perfectly defines what you, as the potential purchaser, can expect from the product. Viva Media and SimBin Studios have released just such a product in GTR Evolution. GTR-E is exactly what it professes to be: the next evolutionary step in a line of products including GTR 2 and Race '07. In fact, the best, most concise description of GTR-E that I could come up with is a marriage between GTR 2 and Race '07. If you were to take the tracks and cars included in both of those, and throw in the 14 mile monster track that is the famous Nurburgring, you would have GTR Evolution.

If you have experience with either or both of those preceding releases, you can probably just stop reading now. There's nothing much I can tell you, other than that GTR-E exhibits the same attention to detail and quality that we have come to expect from SimBin, which is to say superb. In fact, if you already have Race '07, you should just pick up the Expansion Pack version, although at an price of $17.99, it would be just as easy to buy the full standalone version."

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