Two More Xbox Originals Available

Two Xbox Originals will be making their debut on Xbox Live Marketplace on September 15.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3450d ago

And you will indeed store these Games on your Imaginary Hard Drive,since you were Smart enough to purchase a $200 Toaster

Saint Sony3450d ago

Says the man with $499+ toaster.

Ozzyb3450d ago

My PS3 probably could toast something for me.. only difference is, it wouldn't be the last thing it ever did.

TheColbertinator3450d ago

Actually Infinite Unfloppery,thats a good point.I wish they had removed the Arcade SKU because Live is a big part of the 360 experience and without a hard drive,LIVE is very limited.I could never imagine going on Xbox Live without an HDD because I always download stuff like Rock Band songs or the Halo 3 maps.

GameOn3450d ago

Well they don't really interest me. Maybe destroy all Humans, but then there new current gen versions out.

Lord_Ash3450d ago

What are the games? The website won’t load for me and I don’t have my Xbox now so I can’t check.

GameOn3450d ago

the 2 games I just listed above you (in description).

Lord_Ash3450d ago

Funny when I posted my comment I was the 1st poster but now there's a comment above me which makes me look like an idiot.

anyways thanks here have a bubble.