Call of Duty: Black Ops Collection Quietly Released

Activision has quietly released a Call of Duty: Black Ops Collection this week, which compiles the series' Black Ops I, II and III in one package.

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IndominusRex370d ago

Hows it greedy? Its cheaper to buy them together...

KaiPow370d ago

They did a MW collection, seeing a BO one only seems natural.

Vegamyster370d ago

BO1/2 are good games, too bad BO3 on last gen consoles was awful,

PhoenixUp370d ago

Activision started this year by giving us the Modern Warfare trilogy package and are now ending it with the Black Ops triology pack.

Seems fitting but unfortunately the last game in the BO trilogy is lackluster on last gen consoles.

Onslaught813370d ago

Lackluster is an understatement that thing should have never been released

Conzul370d ago

I got excited that I was gonna get to play the whole zombies saga on PS4, but then I read the article :(

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