Top Five JRPGs Of All Time

FuzzyPixels takes a look back at the best JRPGs of all time and tries to narrow the list of greats down to a top five.

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kalkano654d ago

Saw FFXV in the tags, laughed, and didn't bother watching.

FuzzyPixels654d ago

Lol...the video refers to FFXV, but it's not in the list itself :D

kalkano654d ago

lol, okay I bit. I may not agree with the list (who ever agrees with these?), but I like all but #3 to one degree or another.

Hoffmann654d ago

Another article submission that was most likely approved by friends of the submitter.

Kashima654d ago (Edited 654d ago )

i see

BlakHavoc654d ago

Chrono, FF9, Legend of Dragoon, Persona 4, Pokémon Gold

ColonelHugh654d ago

I love your list, those games are close to my heart, but I would personally change a few for my own list.

Persona 4 really is very very good, but I'd replace it with P3FES, as I thought it was more difficult, engaging, and intriguing than 4, even though P4 improved on some much needed areas like combat AI and pacing.

I'm not sure I would say FF9 over some of the others, but then again any of the Final Fantasy series from that era had similar qualities to one another.

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with Pokemon, it just isn't a JRPG.

I would use its place for Dragon Quest V. (Or maybe VIII)

DarXyde654d ago

I'm here because the thumbnail is Persona 4.

I will definitely agree on that much.

Number-Nine654d ago

This list needs Ni No Kuni!

Seraphim654d ago

& Lost Odyssey. Probably two of the best I've played since VII. Course Eternal Sonata, SMT Nocturne, Disgaea 3, Star Ocean TTOT, and so many others were great.

Anyway top 5 lists are moronic. As if you can clearly place five of any games in one genre above all others. Better off making a top 10-20 with no ranking. Top 20 must play JRPGS or something. 2 cents.

thorstein654d ago

All that and Dragon Quest!

goldwyncq653d ago

The only thing worth mentioning about it is the gorgeous art style and music. Everything else, from the characters to the story, is painfully mediocre.

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The story is too old to be commented.