Rhythm perfected: Ars reviews Rock Band 2

Ars technica writes: "Hundreds of gamers went to their local electronics stores Sunday to pick up their copy of Rock Band 2 and, I hope, invited a bunch of their friends over when they got the game home. Many will most likely play the game all day, and maybe all night, and more than a few will initially be disappointed. But for those who come to Rock Band 2 not for a completely new experience, but for one that's been honed to perfection, there's a lot to love about this sequel."

The Good

* All your old songs work
* You have many strong choices in instruments
* Drum trainer will actually teach you how to play
* Band World Tour is drastically improved
* Challenges and battles mean the game never has to end
* Sorting through songs is quick and easy
* New tracks are diverse and fun to play

The Bad

* New guitar isn't much of an improvement
* Edited songs can get annoying
* It's irritating going through so much awesome stuff to find a third thing to complain about

The Ugly

* Explaining to your better half that you just spent $60 on a game, $300 for drums, and all your friends are coming over tonight.

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