Is the 360 a Backwards, Greedy White Box?

Quote from article: "PS3 owners can browse the web on their consoles. Wii owners can browse the web on their consoles. Even DS owners can browse the web on their consoles.

Yet Xbox 360 owners cannot. Instead, Xbox Live offers a hermetically sealed service, where customer options are strictly limited."

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el_bandito3597d ago

The best things in life are free...

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LinuxGuru3597d ago

That's a really negative response picked out from possibly thousands of other more positive ones.

Nice job, you aren't funny at all.

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gaffyh3597d ago

I was thinking the same thing a while ago that the 360 doesn't have a web browser. But then I thought that maybe they will add a browser into the new Xbox Experience dashboard. You never know.

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Wildarmsjecht3597d ago

I think it was more for added effect. You think of the PSP, and you think of a multi-media packed handheld that does alot of things. When you think of the DS, you mostly think of the touch screen/stylus. For the DS to have something that everyone else has but the 360, it's like an extra kick in the nuts for the 360.

agentace3597d ago

na cuase the DS is a crappy nintendo console so it makes the 360 look even worse thats why they only said that handheld

greenmeanie3597d ago

Stupid! Its for playing games! Not for browsing the internet. Sure its a nice addition to the wii and ps3 I am sure, but really whats the point? You can't DL plugins and flash players (at least on he wii you cant, I dont have a ps3 so I dont know about it). I rarely use my wii internet browser unless I want to watch a youtube video on the big screen. If I could watch all sorts of videos, like tv shows from network sites, DL pirated movies, porn, etc... then maybe I could see why the internet is so necessary on my console, but this just isnt the case. ANd therefore I think you should stop whining that the 360 doesnt have a web browser!

It has Xbox Live! Thats 1,000 times better than wii connect 24 and psn put together!!!!! You want something to complain about? How about the fact that the 360 doesnt have built-in wifi! That is a real complaint. For me, I cant connect to xbox live without having a 50 foot cable stretched across my house and down the hallway! It totally sucks, but I cant afford to buy the wi fi adaptor at 100 bucks!

psycho3603597d ago

Valid points. I agree. I switch on my console to play games, download demos which mostly come out on 360 first and also to watch movies via pc or from external hdd , listen to music etc. I hv pc connected to my hdtv as well but i dont like to browse on the 50 inch as the text never appears clear and its not comfortable sitting on sofa to do the browsing. Only fanboys will see it as a negative point for 360 not having browser. i've never felt that anything was missing from day one of my 360 purchase except for the late introduction of avi compatibility.

thereapersson3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

If you've used a PS3 to browse the net, you would know that none of the negative points you have listed are true. The ONLY negative thing about browsing the web on a PS3 is that it doesn't have updated Flash player support for optimum web 2.0 interactivity.

If you don't like the small text, you can zoom in or change the resolution of the browser to fit your needs. I have a 50" Sony 1080p television, and I used to use the internet browser whenever I was on my PS3. I would even sometimes use it when I was playing a game and I couldn't figure out what to do next. Yes, you can't browse the net while in-game, but that's a minor inconvienience.

You would have to be a total fanboy to not realize how locked-down Microsoft has made the 360's overall architecture. And even despite all of that, due to its DVD9 format and PC-centric architecture, you see 360 games getting cracked left and right. Sony allows developers and consumers alike to custom-tailor their PS3 experience, and you don't see PS3 games getting pirated (thanks to the security measures they implemented upon developing the console).

Real Gambler3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

Read it at least once before you comment, and you will see it's more about how greedy Microsoft is. It would be very easy to add a browser to the 360. Only reason Microsoft is not doing it is because they are scared that somebody could play some games online for free. It's all about money for them. And that's the point of this article.

I would bet that it will eventually come out on the 360 since they have no choice though. People think they would not use such a browser often, but then, they add one bookmark, and another, and another, and finally find out it's quite useful. Need a quick peek at a Walkthrough? Just want to check the weather for tomorrow? Map a new store that has the game you're looking for? Check Wikipedia about a game? It's all at your finger tip and no need to turn on a PC, even if it's close by. Dang, even some fridges have internet now. There's a limit to being greedy, and sure enough, they will have to do something about it pretty soon.

BTW: You're also right, paying an arm and a leg for WiFi, or even worst, for a very cheap hard drive is also way too greedy and should have been included in this article. But they cannot add this for free to all the existing consoles, but sure enough they could at least give away a browser.

OgTheClever3597d ago

it's brilliant for browsing N4G - what more could you possibly want?

Richdad3597d ago

@thereaperson you are right abt PS3 internet utility. BUt man PS3 not getting pirated is thanks to Cell and instead all Playstations till now have been pirated like hell. Looks at PS2 and PSP you dont even need A DISK games can be load on HDD.

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Dzpool3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

I actually prefer it not to have a web browser thats what i use my pc for and i really don't want somebody sucking up server speeds surfing the web

and i like the fact the that it doesn't have Wifi built in most people don't need it and i really don't want to have to pay for extra hardware parts i will never use

rjgbyrne3597d ago

Broadband connections and bandwidth, freely connecting to the internet... there can be very serious consequences to allowing this on a console with no virus protection. I think this is an extremely stupid article and MS live service protects and optimises the enjoyment of online play a lot more than anyone else out there. It makes perfect sense and works. I did however get great fun from Rakgis' comment and think people shouldn't take a joke seriously... just because he probably owns a PS3!?!

Franklinstein3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

But an internet browser on a console is virtually worthless. If someone is buying a console to browse the internet, that means they probably can't afford a PC let along $50 a month for broadband. Online console gamers would have probably been more appreciative of a lower price on the console, instead of worthless features that is more about PR fluff than actually being used.

thereapersson3597d ago

Except for the fact that the PS3 supports a Linux-based operating system, and a console OS that nobody knows how to crack. We're not talking about a windows-based product, where you might as well advertise in front of your house that you are running it.

BTW, an internet browser costs NOTHING to implement, so your arguement about it increasing the price of the system is cancelled out. The only real reason the PS3 WAS expensive is due to the inclusion of Blu Ray technology, which has now turned around to be a beneficial thing for not only developers, but Sony themselves, seeing as how they have won a format war.

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