TeamXbox: Rock Band 2 Review

Review by Andy Eddy:

"To start, let's play some "good news/bad news."

Good news: Rock Band 2 hit stores today, and it's exclusive to Xbox 360 owners for a month at least.

Bad news: The Xbox 360 Rock Band 2 bundle won't be out until October 19; today, you can get the game software and the RB2 instruments as separate purchases-and that will cost you about $220 for the game, a guitar and the drums versus the promised $190 bundle price.

Good news: The game ships with 84 songs, all of them master tracks, and also offers 20 downloadable songs you can download with a code on the manual of your RB2 game software.

Bad news: The 20 added tracks won't be available for a while and there's little info beyond that they're promised "soon after launch."

Good news: If you own Rock Band and downloaded additional songs to add to your library, all of them are compatible with RB2 without any need to move or convert them. Also, you can "export" all but three of the songs from the Rock Band game disc.

Bad news: To export the RB1 songs, you need to pay a "licensing fee" of 400 Microsoft Points (about $5)-and, of course, have enough hard-drive space for all 50-plus tunes, because you won't be playing them off the RB1 disc in RB2.

Okay, okay…I'll stop with the good news/bad news. The fact is, I could go on like this for the whole review, because this sophomore effort is truly a mixed bag of positive additions and changes, while still having its share of frustrating foibles and glitches. And don't forget that there's a serious competitor on the horizon-the franchise that Harmonix, Rock Band's developer, first created and then abandoned for its new series."

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