Crash of the Gaming Industry: Will it Happen Again?

Cracked Writes: "It's happened before. It will happen again. Now, I don't want to be the type to say "I told you so." Let me instead just say that a couple of years back I made a prediction about the gaming industry and that my prediction is on the verge of coming true and that I now wish to emphasize the fact that I told you about it beforehand."

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Rute3595d ago

This is a superb article. I hope it gets approved.

Rute3595d ago

Just noticed this article is almost a year old. Nevertheless, it's a great read.

There are so many parts that are friggin funny, like this:
"That's the exciting Star Wars finale, as played out on your home video game console. "It's just like living a movie! A plotless ten-hour movie edited by Michael Bay's retarded brother and running on a skipping DVD player!"

theKiller3595d ago

but he has some flows in it,

1: wii is kicking @$$ everywhere because of its innovation but sooner or later this innovation will be gone

2: ps3 is picking up and its not just eye candy graphics, ps3 controller has tilt in it, cell greatly enhanced the physics, blue ray for play movies, internet browsing etc

3: ps3 is already making profit for sony gaming division

4: there is always old gamers an new gamers, in fact more new gaming coming than old gamers leaving! the population of earth is only on the increase,

5: hardcore gamers will always be there, and so does hardcore games,

the industry is just fine, all we need innovation from anywhere, whether from what happening in the game or how to play the game, also there is the possibility of 4D or 3D with these red/blue classes to bring some innovation, to me he sound an old man tired of playing games! i mean 2o years of gaming?? thats a lot!

these day stories of the games play a factor too!!

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3595d ago

You read that whole thing? Honestly, I read the first paragraph and the authors tone came off very demeaning to me...

Hagaf223595d ago

with the state of the current economy i could see it both ways, but video games can be good for a family on a small budget, once the console cost are done, its relatively cheap entertainment... and with online gaming a game can last months, take for example cod4. the campaign alone can last maybe a month, but with online it can last much longer. lets just say 2 months. 2 months of entertainment for only 60 bucks? not bad seeing as how one night at the movies can equal that... i see the market thriving awhile longer, as long as no one tries to force another console on the market.

Rute3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Online gaming not only adds lots of longevity to games but also brings in money to some game developers and console manufacturers. As console and game production costs skyrocket, online fees will be essential to keep hardcore game procuction alive.

vlazed3595d ago

I have felt this way for a while now especially with this gen. Once you get over the graphics we are merely playing PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube games all over again. The sad thing is that most truly innovative titles, while critically acclaimed, have very poor sales. The video game industry needs a rebirth of sorts or else I can see this article coming to fruition.

LeShin3595d ago

You're right about the truly innovative games selling poorly, but unfortunately that's the consumers fault. Game devs won't go out on a limb to make imaginative games that are truly different if it doesn't sell as it'' cost them too much. Ico was stunning and so was Shadow of Colossus but compare those sales of the game to Halo 3 or Gears of War. It seems that most consumers (not me though) just want more of the same with just prettier graphics and a few more options so they have no one to blame if dev's keep making what those consumers tend to buy rather than making games with totally new ideas.

I still play my emulators of old consoles as graphics aren't the main attraction to me, I'm here for fun, diversity and atmosphere and if consoles in the future lack those primary things, I'll stop playing them and play the older consoles instead.

I do think that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft should stop concentrating on hardware unless there's a HUGE leap in tech and they should just churn out really good software instead. They wouldn't loose as much money developing a new hardware which would cost a bomb to make but not many people could afford.

killalot1003594d ago

i only have played two games that i think are great this gen.

Silogon3595d ago

The way this generaton is stinking up the place? Hell yeah it will. Ps3, xbox 360 and more so the wii are just horrible systems. The quality of games being released is mind boggling to me. They're horrible. 95% of them aren't worth 20 bucks, let alone 60 bucks.

Something hapened from Ps2 to now, cos for nearly 15 solid years gaming was at an all time high and it just dropped out when the xbox 360 came out and then Ps3 and wii soon after.

I've never seen so many games suck across the board, yet cost us more, consistantly. This year is probably one of the worst years in gaming I've ever seen. Not even the saturn or Ps1's 1st years were this bad.

GTA4 - sucked
Too Human - Sucked
MGS4 - Average
Mercs 2 - Sucked
Madden 09 - Sucked
DMC 4 - Sucked
Soul Caliber 4 - Sucked

I can go on and on and on. This year, like last year is hitting a 95 to 95% suck ratio. In the 2 years the Ps3 has almost been out only Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, and Uncharted can even be considered outstanding games. The rest failed miserably to live up to expectations and hype. The xbox 360 and wii are even worse.

I hate the ps3, xbox 360 and the wii in all honesty.

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