Image Metrics show off their latest version

You will not believe your eyes from this moment on.

We can usually pick the difference in various animations used for computer images, but as technology advances, so does the ability to fool the human eye. What was once termed The Uncanny Valley by the graphics industry is perhaps drawing to a close. Image Metrics latest version shows just how real something can be.

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gaminoz3570d ago

Wow scary. That looks pretty real.

XboxOZ3603570d ago

Yes it does, now add that to Codemasters Operation Flashpoint 2: and the detail they are putting into the game, see second video on the site in the article . .. and you'll start to see just how scary it could be.

The game has real-time loading, setting up weaponry, non of this grab a RPG and fire it. You have to find the right spot, set it up properly, load it, aim it, then fire it.

Then check out the detail they are putting into the persistent real-time damage modeling, all on console I might add (and PC gamers said it would/could NEVER happen - pppffft yeah right).

WHile the Image Metrics is not new, they are working to advance their software, and it's a huge step forward to even a year or 10 months ago.

Rourker3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

this video is old, I realize it says latest version, but it the exact same as the one I saw a couple months ago, no change at all.

XboxOZ3603570d ago

Actually it only came out this week, as it's an advancement on the previous one which showed a different woman leaning against a wall. I have it stored on the site for reference. Yes, the item is around one month old, BUT it has not been on N4g as it is since it was updated over 8 months ago. So it warrants as new news. The item, if you CHECK, is connected to current Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising, you did check out the second video - didn't you. As the article is based around what to expect from games such as OF:DR and others from Codemasters.

Which IS new news.

God, some ppl see a heading and automatically 'assume" it means something other than what it is intended to be. But a read through an article can help understand where the article is coming from, rather than assume where it is coming from.

Rourker3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

but I was commenting on the first video. and I did see it before right here on N4G. a while back. I'll find the link if I can.

but yes the rest about codemasters is new. so I sincerely apologize for not stating that I was comenting on that video only and not the article in general.

Immortal Kaim3570d ago

Wow, Im completely blown away with Operation flashpoint 2, so by the sounds of it, you can traverse the terrain in real-time, going to any location in any sequence?

XboxOZ3603570d ago

Yeap, and it takes around hour hours in real time to get from one side to the other. No magic teleporting or such like. You can get a vehicle, but it'll still take you a good hour to do so, and the villages and buildings are exactly as they are on the island right now.

Oh, and btw, I put up the EARLIER version of their software so you can see the distinct difference between the new version and the old. There is NO WAY you can mistake the old for the new. Unless you're blind of course.

gaminoz3570d ago

I wonder how many software developers will want to use the tech?

Hunter863570d ago

Wow thats amazing. Crazy to see that they can do that sort of thing.

XboxOZ3603570d ago

Personally I think it's a great move forward for developing games on the consoles. Sure, some game will definitely have more persistent damage modeling across the board on PC gaming rigs. But a console is NOT a PC Gaming rig. That is the whole point.

The idea is to get games out to the WIDER public, not the smaller number of bedroom-bound gamers with PC's attached to their backs permanently. No doubt they will find ways of improving the dange as they work further with it. Games like Bad Company were thought impossible a year or so ago on any console. Now they can do it.

Give a developer LESS to work with, and it inspires creativity. Give them more and they get lazy and things become bloated.

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The story is too old to be commented.