Gemaga Preview: Afrika - Gotta Snap 'Em All

Gemaga writes: "I have only come to love Pokemon in the last year or so. Previously, I could never understand players' obsession with collecting as many of the little creatures as humanly possible. Then I realized that this obsession was strikingly similar to MY obsession with getting every little thing in RPG's (eg. defeating Emerald Weapon and getting the Gold Chocobo in Final Fantasy VII). It's probably worth noting that RPG's are the only games where I actually give a rat's ass about achievements or trophies. So when I found out about Afrika, I was intrigued. Instead of cute little monsters with battle abilities, your objective is to photograph all the real wildlife in the African wild. The game was made in collaboration with National Geographic, so there is detailed information and real-life pictures of the animals in the game."

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thereapersson3539d ago

And you gotta love this quote here:

"The first thing I noticed about the game when I started it up was that it looks absolutely beautiful. The sweeping landscapes with orchestral music in the background is relaxing, although I did not feel as though I were being lulled to sleep. As I watched the screen with animals grazing, running, or just standing around, I definitely felt as though I were watching a nature show on PBS or the Discovery Channel. I do love the photorealism that the PS3’s graphics can achieve."