Shoe Strikes Back: I Will Not STFU

Former EGM Editor Dan "Shoe" Hsu wrote to DailyGame in response to their editorial telling him to stop talking about his feeling that game journalism (and journalists) are being undermined by publisher events and freebies. Dan Hsu had quite a bit to say, as this article in Shoe's own words shows.

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TheColbertinator3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

"I guess the only thing I'd say that wasn't fair is the stuff about me and my Halo fanboyism. Yes, I did score the last two games the highest possible scores, and I like featuring them in the magazine, but for one very specific reason: Everything "Halo" sells extremely well for us. Just like in the old days...EGM put Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter on every cover for a while 'cause it moved issues at newsstands. It's just a business choice (ask GamePro about that...they did extra Halo covers as well because their first one was almost double the sales of their next best-selling issue"

I see.I just thought it was unfair that many other games that could have been featured on EGM like Boom Blox,Mass Effect,or Uncharted could have been featured on the front page.The difference between Street Fughter/MK and Halo 3 is that back then those games were more recognizable.Halo 3 on the other hand already had its own hype engine just fine and I just think that some other games could have been featured to get their own spotlight.

InMyOpinion3477d ago

As he said, if they would have had Boom Blox,Mass Effect or Uncharted on the cover they wouldn't have sold as many issues of their magazine. Halo is a much bigger franchise and draws much more attention. They did the same thing with GTA games and GTA IV in particular. If they don't do it someone else will, and they will lose potential incomes.

I love the fact that he's honest about it. At the end of the day they it's about earning the dollar.

KidMakeshift3477d ago

I was hoping he would listen

Coheno3477d ago

Thank god he won't shut up! Love his inside looks into the industy's gruesome side!

KiddyBrownTurd3477d ago

droids hate shoe because shoe likes halo. funny how that works. u droids are sad.

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