Novastrike: A second look after the update

GameFocus writes: "We have taken a second look at the Playstation Network title Novastrike after Tiki Games released one hell of an update for the action shooter."

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Silogon3445d ago

This was already the best shooter on the PSN, for those of us who bought it on day 1 knew this long ago. The patch justmade it better. Novastrike was too hard for the lame asses out there so they cried and whined. They didn't like how it didn't hold your hand like Super Star dust and give you a billion points for using a laser whip to cut thru rocks.

Novastrike is a throwback, and a much needed one, to the old arcade and nes days. If you liked Bosconia and Raid on bungling Bay, you'll love this one.

Novastrike is the real deal and I'm glad it is finally starting to get out of the cult rut it was in.

LinuxGuru3445d ago

How did SSHD hold your hand?

You're exaggerating, my friend. SSHD is a difficult game, especially on the higher difficulties.

Novastrike just has various flaws and design decisions that make it seem challenging and difficult.

Silogon3445d ago

SSDHD is for newbies, man. It is basic and flashy and easy for any casual to pick up and play and score millions of points on by shooting endless junk that has no pattern. It's lame as hell. I had all but 2 trophies in the 1st 2 hours of the patch. I had the rest of them by the next day of playing it. Novastrike takes skill and, as I said, it is a throw back to a generation of games where you didn't have the option of stopping and going at will.

This game kills and anyone who likes the genre should pick it up. It is easily the best shooter on the PSN. Even eclipsing Everyday shooter in some ways.

LinuxGuru3445d ago

I don't like the fact that you:

a) can't stop moving

b) only shoot where you look until you earn the uber-weak omni-cannon.

thereapersson3445d ago

However, you also have to give the developers credit for overhauling the game in such a massive way. I can't believe how many improvements this game has been augmented with.

dale13445d ago

when does it hit europe

unrealgamer583445d ago

lol sshd is noteasy my friend

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