Phil Spencer wants a PSVR; talks Project Scorpio, VR, Nintendo & more w/ Aaron Greenberg | AusGamers

As promised by the site earlier, AusGamers has produced an in-depth longform feature after conversations with both Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg that discusses a broad range of poignant gaming topics from the Xbox Game Preview Program to "Mixed-Reality" gaming, Nintendo, VR, HoloLens, Project Scorpio and more.

"HoloLens, from a long-term business perspective, still remains… well ‘mixed-reality’ is still the end goal here,” Phil says revealingly. “A device that can go from fully opaque like we see in current VR to overlaying information in the real-world -- I fundamentally believe that’s where we’re going. I’ll also add ‘untethered’ is where we’re going. Like, the fact we’re all going to walk around… I mean, you’ve played all of these right? With cords hanging off the back of your head? It’s cool, I have a Vive, I have an Oculus, I’ll get a PlayStation VR, but the setup is for some specific tech enthusiasts -- it’s just not a normal thing to shield myself from the world with a cord hanging off the back of my head and play games. I think it has to evolve, and I love the evolution that is going to happen.

“So, I still see a mixed-reality device similar to HoloLens as the final destination,” he says. “And everything we’re doing in the interim are all great learning opportunities for the industry.”

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andrewsquall655d ago

Then he should have preordered one like everyone else if he wanted it for Xmas. :)

Bennibop655d ago

Should take risks then rather than waiting to see if the competition is successful.

ShottyatLaw655d ago

I agree with him that an AR/VR wireless hybrid is the future. With all of the companies pushing VR forward, it's probably smart to take risks with AR and try to lead that push instead.

mochachino655d ago

I have a PC and PS4 but I love how Phil is so passionate about games. Definitely one of my favourite industry persons. He's done a great job turning things around for xb1 and I love how MS is releasing major titles on PC and moving towards cross-play.

I got Gears 4 on my PC and after playing Titanfall 2, BF1, and Gears - I find Gears 4 is a much better campaign experience than all of them..except for the ending of course. But I had more fun in both online and SP with Gears than with TF2. Gears 4 just made me smile so many times and the online is solid with a lot of game variety. Sometimes I like that old school testosterone infused storylines with over the top impossible feats. I'm a guy, for some reason that stuff just makes me feel good. Don't know why, but it does.

AizenSosuke655d ago

Phil Spencer is only most human employee At Microsoft industries.

kraenk12655d ago

So you really tell me he hasn't got one yet?! Are you kidding me?!

kstuffs655d ago

You are reading it wrong. All it's saying that he believes VR should have mixed-reality capabilities. It says nothing about them mot having prototype of VR.

SaveFerris655d ago

Is the Holodeck an example of VR or mixed-reality technology?

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