EA drops the bidding offer on Take 2. In a less than courteous way.

"It seems EA have finally decided to stop trying to acquire Take 2, but have made it "seem" that it's because Take 2 isn't worth getting now . . ."

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leeeeed3570d ago

At least they get the idea now!

XboxOZ3603570d ago

I know, it's finally over, but watch the talk on the net about it. "Take 2 should have taken EA's offer".... "Take 2 are crazy to turn down $US2 billion for the company".

Yet earlier ppl were saying Take 2 should not accept. Strange eh.

Hydrolex3570d ago

GTA IV is released and the game sucked ! EA can buy take 2 now

GTA is no more the top sandbox game

SaiyanFury3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Bah EA's shameless way of getting rejected ultimately. And are spurned because of such.

EA, "We can merge and give you a bunch of money."
Take 2, "No thanks, we'll be fine on our own."
EA, "Bah, you're not worth buying anyways."

Sucks doesn't it when someone disagrees with your buyout offer. Maybe Take 2 feels they're better off not answering to a big company. Lord knows EA has a history of shutting down studios that produce games that don't perform up to their expectations. Looks like Take 2 is better off anyways.

tocrazed4you3570d ago

The people outside cheering and applauding with glee. For the tyranny of EA has been ended and light LIGHT AT THE END OF THE dark dayssss. Anyways this is great news.

XboxOZ3603570d ago

For once EA didn't get their own way.

WHile I like the New-look EA, there are something it does that simply aren't kosher. I like how they basically discredit Take 2 in their comments, saying it has bad management and future plans, yet GTA:IV has sold a big fat 10 Million copies world wide . . .and they (Take 2) stood their ground in wanting their share holders getting a fair price, not a price lower than the market would offer.

Good on you Take 2 . . ..

I know Ubisoft have courted the idea of acquiring Take 2, and personally I would hope they did. As Ubi have a solid ethic around their developers and partners from day one.

I know MS did make or was said to make an offer in June/July for Take 2, but after recent news, I doubt MS will be buying up any new Dev studios.

gaminoz3570d ago

They wanted Take Two BEFORE GTAIV was they don't care.

Godem3570d ago

EA sucks, so good we need companies to compete anyway.

XboxOZ3603570d ago

Yes and no.

SInce the new CEO has taken over (ex Bioware CEO) at EA, there has been a distinct change in attitudes on game studio acquisition, for the better. They have set up EA Partners which is allowing the various dev studios to work with EA as their primary publisher, but also allow then dev to maintain any existing contractual agreements they may have prior to EA's acquisition.

Something that other publishers would not normally allow.
Yet on the negative side, there are still those within EA that want to run it like it was run before, heavy handed and all-powerful. So the two factions need to sort out their issues and work together to change the publics view of the New EA.

Superfragilistic3570d ago

I think it's good news. But Take 2 outside of Rockstar and 2K is still on very shaky financial ground.

As for EA, yeah they still suck on a lot of fronts but there's no doubt that their new corporate structure and evolving culture are starting to reap rewards.

Their fresh IP outside of the yearly sporting franchises is incredibly varied and strong. Skate 2, Spore, Mirror's Edge, Bad Company, The Godfather 2, Fight Night 4 and the incredible looking Dead Space speak of greater things to come. Sure they've put their foot wrong a couple of times in recent years with a couple of titles that missed thier potential (Army of Two, Mercs 2) and some bad PR (DRM!!!) but with Pandemic, Bioware, Maxis and others yet to reveal their full lineups things from a gaming perspective are looking much better than back in the "we eat Bullfrogs for lunch" days.

Arsenic133570d ago

Yay. No GTA 5 and 6 in 2009!

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