Official Xbox 360 Red controller and charge kit coming end of September - $65

On September 30th, a new limited edition Red wireless Xbox 360 controller and play and charge kit bundle will be available across The States.

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silverchode3565d ago

nice color, i might get this.

Breakfast3565d ago

All xboxes get that colour.

HipHopGamerShowFan3565d ago

The Dualshock is 50$ and it has bluetooth with sixaxis. Its still overpriced.

Relcom3565d ago

Sweet it'll match my ring ;)

Fruit Loops3565d ago

i was gonna say the same thing

3565d ago
InfiniteUnfloppery3565d ago

Now your Controller will Match your Red Ring of Death

AngryTypingGuy3565d ago

Or the faces of Sony execs every time an exclusive is stolen. Can you imagine how red their faces got when they realized Final Fantasy was the latest steal by MS?

VMAN_013565d ago

Lol microsoft of all colours you picked red.

The_Firestarter3565d ago

*shakes fist in air* The irony!

GameOn3564d ago

Have you seen the other coloured controllers they've put out. Puke green and baby blue are infinitely worse than red and black.

The_Firestarter3564d ago

I honestly think an electric blue controller would be pretty sweet.

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The story is too old to be commented.