Crysis Warhead Review -

At the price of $30, Crysis Warhead is really hard to fault and will probably be in the top 3 first person shooter games when this year ends. The single player campaign plays great and looks fabulous especially with the more reasonable system demands now being asked. The open ended nature as well as the variety of combat situations just make this a title any self respecting PC gamer should not miss. Crytek have clearly listened to the criticism levelled at Crysis and have produced a stunning expansion which surpasses the quality of the original in every way possible. Fabulous.

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3539d ago
bumnut3538d ago

i heard it is much better optimized than crysis was

hopefully it will run better

Bolts3538d ago

$30 for this game is a great value considering that most PSN "budget" games like Warhawk, GT5P, and the upcoming Socom:C cost the same. The difference being Crysis: Warhead is a full retail product and is one of the best looking game of all time.

Charmers3538d ago

Already paid for my copy and just waiting for steam to start pre-downloading the files. Thank god Crytek showed a bit of common sense this time and released their game on Steam this time around. One of the key things about piracy is the ability to download the game with ease, steam negates that advantage and gives those PC gamers that want it a LEGAL way to do the same thing (EA's rip off store doesn't count). Either way I am so looking forward to warhead and the mutliplayer component Crysis Wars.