Halo Wars Leaked Brute Chiefton Images

Addict Gaming Writes "Halo Wars hasn't seen it's best week this week, with Ensemble announcing that they will be closing their doors come the games launch. However we have something that may give you a tiny nerdgasm that might make a mess, you have been warned! Here we have some never before seen Brute Chiefton images given to us by an Anonymous tipster earlier today. We have all heard and seen that Halo Wars will contain Brutes, but this looks immense!

Anyway, take a look and judge the images for youself!"

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Elven63567d ago

Unintetional leaks from a company forced to close it's doors? I think not!

VF34EJ253567d ago

lol yeah, "Leaked" when it has Microsoft and Esemble stamped all over it. And amazing high quality too.

"Leaked" bwahahahaa...

M337ING3567d ago

why even show this off if its not going to look anything like that in-game?

wAtdaFck3567d ago

Very Gears of War-esque

The_Firestarter3567d ago

I was actually thinking more along the lines of Mass Effect-esque.

Nevertheless, I like it. I'm a sucker for any types of body armor. :D

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