Naughty Dog Saves the Day Once Again for Sony at PSX 2016

Naughty Dog saves the day once again for Sony with The Last of Us Part II & Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, after an otherwise unremarkable PSX 2016 showcase from first party developers with several missing titles.

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KaiPow294d ago

As nice as these looked, I'm more excited for the game so won't have to wait a year plus to play, like The Last Guardian and Horizon.

darthv72294d ago

Im hoping at the next e3 there will be talk of a killzone 4.

Agheil294d ago

YES ! I feel like people didn't appreciate the series similar to resistance.

Outside_ofthe_Box294d ago

KZ4? Hmmm, if Guerrilla Cambridge is behind it I'd be looking forward to it.

I don't think GG can make a KZ that matches KZ2 anymore. Last KZ game I liked post KZ2 was Mercenary, hence why I want Cambridge to take the reigns on the next KZ on console.

Alexious294d ago

I doubt it, it will have been just a few months after the release of Horizon and Guerrilla Cambridge has been busy with RIGS.

LordMaim293d ago

"After an otherwise unremarkable PSX 2016 showcase". There's no pleasing some people.

Or maybe I was the only one excited to see Wipeout Omega Collection, Ace Combat 7, Patapon, Parappa the Rapper, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite/3, Ni No Kuni II, Yakuza Kiwami (and Yakuza 6). Man off the top of my head there's a whole crapload of things that I was not expecting to see that were pretty awesome. I was going in with pretty low expectations, and it turned out to be a pretty solid (if short) showcase of games.

And of course The Last of Us Part II just blew the doors off the place.

zombiewombie293d ago

I'd love that, but they'd need to go back into a warzone. The last Killzone felt kinda flat because of the lack of crazy battles.

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Rich1631294d ago

I don't get why people give KZ3 and Shadow Fall so much hate. 3 is awesome and Shadow Fall was disappointing but still solid.

mocaak294d ago

I loved 3, it was very underrated, but SF was very disappointing.

Rude-ro294d ago

3 I did like. A lot. Shadowfall felt like a graphics demo for when the PS4 launched. Ok, but not exciting.

darthv72294d ago

I enjoy shadow fall but its no 4.

Reaper29r294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

2 and 3 were awesome. 2 is my favorite though. Shadow fall was beautiful but wasn't much more than a tech demo. At least the single player. Never tried the multi. Heard that was decent.

FITgamer293d ago

I love KZ, but Shadow Fall was lack luster.

Elda293d ago

I like KZ3 also,KZ:SF was gorgeous far as graphics but it was weird & somewhat had a confusing boring gameplay.

rezzah293d ago

2 was so good, the others after it didn't surpass it in terms of game mechanics, story, and MP map layout.

C-H-E-F293d ago

To be honest I loved every KZ better than the last Killzone. Yeah I may get flak for saying that, but it's true I loved them all.

Neonridr293d ago

Shadow Fall was my first KZ game. I actually enjoyed it. So if it's the worst, then clearly I am missing out on some great KZ games.

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PistolsAtDawn294d ago ShowReplies(14)
Aurenar294d ago

I don't think so. Everything has been good.

Alexious294d ago

Except that lots of games were missing entirely. Days Gone, Dreams, FFVII Remake, Spider-Man, God of War, the next game by Sucker Punch...A bunch of remasters aren't enough to make up for that.

BiggerBoss294d ago

Were they supposed to show everything there? Wait for e3 man

Aloy-Boyfriend294d ago

People like you are what is wrong. Never pleased; always wanting more. They showed a lot of cool stuff in a very well paced way. They didn't need Naughty dog to save the say

Summons75294d ago

They said God of War wasn't going to be there. Days Gone and Spider-man aren't ready to be shown. They were showing stuff mostly for next year. Everything you mention is late 2018 or early 2019. They don't need to show their whole hand and what they showed was way more than enough to knock that presser out of the park.

MrSec84294d ago

PSX is about developers bringing the games they want to show PlayStation fans, the developers of most of those games had already confirmed they're busy working on them.
This show is about showing the core why PlayStation is for them, which is why Sony, their devs and partners brought what they did this year.

Scott Rhode even said to Colin Moriarty that PSX isn't an e3 type show in an interview at the 2015 event, it's a service to the core PlayStation fans and the company just hit PS gamers in the face with a tonne of stuff to cover that requirement.

Articuno76294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Those games were recently revealed and also happen to be a long way off, meaning there's no reason to show them again: they aren't announcements and they aren't timely enough to promote until closer to launch.

Are you worried all those super high-profile announcements have been quietly cancelled or something?

Because yesterday I saw a show that told us we are getting more of two major Naughty Dog games, a load of unbelievable precedents set for localisation announcements and a general push towards reviving several long-thought extinct Sony franchises.

Overload294d ago

They announced more games than MS released this year. Go write something about that.

King_Lothric294d ago

Those were already presented on E3. Stop making excuses and always looking for the negative where there is none.

WelkinCole294d ago

Then people like you will complain that they are shown too many times.

TKCMuzzer294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

No offence but this event is to celebrate PlayStation with the fans not to be a major announcement event. They announced new things and look at all those you mentioned. It's nice that there are so any games releasing exclusively for a console and talking about them instead of banging on about hardware 12 months down the line with no games announced what so ever. I don't think people really appreciate how well spread out PlayStation announcements are and how the year is consistently filled.
The difference is, we know their coming and that gives people confidence in the hardware going forward.

Christopher294d ago

Why? So you can then make a post asking why they only showed stuff we've already seen? C'mon, there's no winning with this stuff. Can't we just enjoy it for what it is and not try and find something to complain about?

ziggurcat293d ago


and if they had done that, there'd still be people saying they only showed games that were announced already. also, they are probably saving all of those games you mentioned for E3 next year...

Kingthrash360293d ago

They showed more than ANY OTHER COMPANY COMBINED in one show....yet still the hater complain.
Instead of complaints to the consoles they are fans of about not showing much at all.

LordMaim293d ago

@Alexious: You save the big guns for when you're competing with other platforms for press attention, like at E3. PSX is the time to show off the games to fans, and they brought a lot more stuff than I was expecting. Copying the list from above: Wipeout Omega Collection, Ace Combat 7, Patapon, Parappa the Rapper, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite/3, Ni No Kuni II, Yakuza Kiwami (and Yakuza 6), and of course The Last of Us Part II.

Besides, people just complained about the E3 games too, saying that the big games had no release dates. People will complain regardless of what you show them.

oasdada293d ago

This wasnt e3 still they showed alot and a last of us 2 cud easily have been an e3 trump card

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Muzikguy293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

I agree. Everything I've read coming from PSX has me excited. Many games were shown I wasn't even expecting. I really don't like how sites and people downplay something because it wasn't what they wanted to hear. I came out of it impressed. Others want to complain too much. Where was/is the Xbox equivalent? Nintendo's? Be glad they even do one at all. I feel like this was better than their E3.


Nice one :)

Markusb33293d ago

I have to agree the problem is negative articles like this. Psx showed a huge variety of games for all people. No need to show god of war, spiderman, detroit, days gone, bloodbourne 2, demons soul remaster, no sales figures talk just great games and loads of free games and demos too. I am sick of negative BS so called journalists on here. This was better than e3 and showed Sony listen to customers and give us a huge range of software to be excited for.

remixx116293d ago

You right, the bug issue I have is how bad MS has been this year. They showed nothing new at e3 except for a trailer for a console with a bunch of devs talking about power without anything of the console to show. They skip gamescom and of course weren't at tgs.

Sony blew e3 out the window and did it again with tgs and psx and Xbox fan boys still come in here to try and downplay. It's kinda sad.

I'm suprised there are no articles how how lackluster of a year for announcements it's beenot for Microsoft.

ccgr294d ago

Two more series' added to my bucket list....

OB1Biker294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I understand ND took the show to a very high level, like they did in the first PSX, but that article sounds ridiculous and not even fancy reading it all.
A bit like saying, Sony saves the day for Sony. No shit Sherlock
For that matter, even without ND, there were plenty of great stuff. Even today, more trailers and announcement are shown that were somehow missed in the conference, a few games were even not shown at all but posted later on Blog PS and still are pretty interesting

Travis3708294d ago

lmao! that's exactly what I was saying. Sony saved Sony, not ND as if ND isn't a part of Sony.

UCForce293d ago

Yeah, I agree. Some of these games shown at PSX are very interesting.

Silly gameAr293d ago

wccftech, like twininite, thisgengaming, and gamingbolt usually like to throw a little shade Sony's way when they get the opportunity.

Markusb33293d ago

I would like to see an intelligent article about the rise of click bait, bias and lazy journalism with topics that revel in negative points of view. An article that covers all negativity no matter what games company.