Saints Row 2 Hands-On: Story, Co-op, and Zombies

From Gamespot:

"We take to the streets of Stilwater for hours on end, digging deep into the story and jumping into some co-op mayhem.

This time around, dutifully moving the story forward is a bit tougher with all the side missions, additional customization, and opportunities for mayhem vying for your attention. The side missions are broken down into two categories: Activities, which are found in the first game and help you earn some cash and gang respect, and Diversions, smaller actions that can be pulled off almost anywhere. Activities have you taking part in odd jobs for random strangers seeking a favor of you.

A few examples of new activities include "FUZZ," where you pretend to be a cop and rough up petty criminals for a reality show, Septic Avenger, which sees you steal a septic truck and spray its contents on the city's major financial establishments, and "Crowd Control," where you act as a bodyguard for celebrities with rabid fans."

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Silogon3414d ago

The real GTA is almost here. This game has more on the side than GTA4 was comprised of whole. That's sad. Maybe Rockstar needs to take some notes.

NewSchoolGamer3414d ago

almost buying Mercs 2 I think I'm safe if I just wait for the reviews before even wanting to rent this game.

The combat just looks ugly. You know. GTA4 was a letdown, but when compared to other sandbox games out now it really delivers.

NewSchoolGamer3414d ago

Like Mercs 2 did? LOL

Saints Row 2 looks awesome and obviously it has more stuff to do WORTH doing BUT I doubt it will have the quality of GTA4 and the gameplay.

Silogon3413d ago

Mercs 2 is more fun,. more rewarding and has bettergunplay than GTA4 ever thought about. Mercs 2 has side missions worth doing. Mercs 2 has pick up and play gameplay that is actually worth taking on. GTA4 was garbage on all counts. As matter of factly, all GTA games are average and below average affairs, it's just people like you and the media are more vocal in yur trumpeting.

NewSchoolGamer3413d ago

in that case go ahead and buy Saints Row 2, I'm okay with my GTA4. lol

PureGamer3413d ago

ye so stop trying to force your opinion on everyone else.

gaminoz3413d ago

I have to say the Septic Avenger concept sounds stupid.

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