Electronic Arts Responds To Spore DRM Criticism

Electronic Arts is responding to concerns regarding the SecuROM digital rights management for Spore, aiming to clarify controversial aspects of the copy protection mechanism in the wake of an internet backlash of sorts.

Online retailer Amazon's user ratings for the long-awaited EA Maxis PC title plummeted to a single star, largely based on negative reviews of the DRM, which one user called "draconian." Now, it appears as of press time that all user reviews to date have been removed from Spore's product page and the game's star rating reset, while a special discussion section still remains*.

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vitz33565d ago

Now what do they have to say to those people out there who are without internet? I live very far North and I know of people who have no internet access at all.

villevalorox3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

so what is the big deal with it? what is all this fuss about? Someone please tell me?

UPDATE: never mind, i see.

ArsArcanum3565d ago

This DRM issue must be a nightmare for the creators of Spore.

It's ironic how by trying to prevent pirating, they are actually promoting it.

so sad...

greenmeanie3565d ago

Well I hate DRM and I think it is just a pain. I stopped buying games from xbla and wii virtual console because of the problems they have. I hope nobody buys spore. If we all boycott this stuff, they wont put these horrible DRM's inside our games. I can care less about spore, but for those who do, I hope you do pirate it and they dont sell one copy so that they can give us a real copy that I can do whatever I want with! I hate DRM so much. If I buy a game on the VC or xbla and I paid for it with my own money, yet I still dont own it, I cant put it on a memory card and take it to a friends house (wii vc). And even if I did take it to a friends house with the xbla, it wont work unless my friend has high speed internet on the 360 and that I am signed on my SN. That is ridiculous! I own it, I should be allowed to do whatever I want with it otherwise it should have been free! YES FREE! If they want full control over what I do with MY software, then they should pay the bill!

Jdoki3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

First off, I agree that most DRM in it's current state, is a bad thing.

However you are incorrect in your assumption that you actually own the software. When you buy something off the XBLA etc you are buying the license, or the 'right' to use it in exactly the way the company allows. You do not own the software you download.

Personally I think Sony have it right. I can download something from the PS Store, and install it on 5 machines. Once activated I don't need a newtwork connection to keep tabs on me. I've almost never heard a complaint against this DRM. It's flexible and 'fair'.

The DRM used in Spore isn't too different from what Sony employs. Personally, I'd rather play Spore than boycott it because of the DRM.

DRM is a problem in it's current form. Legit consumers are treated like criminals, while those who pirate the game get a better experience. Pirating isn't the answer though. Spore took 4 years+ to develop and a lot of money. The more titles are pirated, the less we'll see titles like this - and the argument that 'I only pirate because of the DRM' is not a valid excuse in my opinion.

LeShin3564d ago

FINALLY, someone coming out with some common sense! It's hard to find intelligent individuals on N4G these days. BUBBLES. Hopefully I'll bump into you on PSN.

DRM exists because of piracy, not the other way round. It's just unfortunate that paying customers get hit in the process.