Piracy Rampant on Spore. DRM fails. Huge Backlash In Illegal Downloads

Ironies of ironies. It seems that Spore has been downloaded, illegally, over an estimated 500,000 times on BitTorrent, which puts Spore on track as becoming the most illegally downloaded game in history...

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SaiyanFury3445d ago,, there's a bunch of others. When companies like EA implement draconian DRM, the internet crowd will turn to the likes of piracy. $hit, who wants to be limited on the number of installs? I don't normally pirate games, but if I was interested in Spore, that's how I'd do it.

coolfool3445d ago

I know no one really likes EA but the devs have worked hard at this game and from a holistic point of view they have created something new and interesting. As a gamer, I for one would like to support and encourage that. By pirating, we seriously damage the devs income and their ability to provide us, the gamers, with new big exciting and innovative projects in the future. We like to bash EA but in the process we are also bashing the developers.

I know this is a conflicting view point. I don't like DRM but I also am an advocate of supporting devs. Imagine if we pirated every Insomniac game? In the end I think that we'd be the ones to loose out.

MiloGarret3445d ago

They are like wiping their asses with 100 dollar bills... Despite all the piracy, it's selling a lot, at least I think I read that somewhere. I don't feel sorry for them at all, pirate the crap outta this game. I did, then I deleted it because its incredibly boring imo.

Damphear3444d ago

the devs already got paid and then thats it. they dont collect a monthy income from the game. so your tarded.

and this is ea and spore was made by a few people brian eno is one of them so STFU about many people when it was about 5 guys and brian eno.

and ea should get this they need to make games WORTH playing

waltercross3444d ago

Well even if you pirate it you still can't use It's
online features, so people will still buy it.

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LinuxGuru3445d ago

Where there is a will, there is a way.

iamtehpwn3445d ago

And it's called pirate bay. =]

Sarick3445d ago

When companies treat legitimate customers like criminals it provides an an opportunity for more piracy.

They made this DRM to stop piracy only to cause normally legitimate customers to pirate more.

DeadlyFire3445d ago

EA should know not many people like them. DRM is pushing pirates to come after the game. I doubt half of them even play the game. They are just doing it to piss on DRM and EA. As they should. NOONE wants DRM now make it go away.

power of Competence3445d ago

I haven't pirated the game, but the whole point of pirating this game like crazy is to show that

a) It doesn't even work
b) If you pull off sh*t like this you'll lose sales
c) That you screw over the people who actually pay for the game

Topshelfcheese3445d ago

Wow your awesome, you openly admit to screwing over hard working people. If there was justice in this world you would get fined the 5grand or whatever it is and make that 50 dollars look like a bargain.

LoVeRSaMa3445d ago

I am also one of these people =]

maybe if they didnt have that lame DRM i would have brought it.

Its mainly been downloaded as a statment and a protest to EA from many users.

Aswell as the fact thats its a wel anticipated game =]

theKiller3445d ago

any way i would have never bought the game if i didnt get it from torrents, beside i dont buy PC games, sorry but i think if i will spend money for a game that should be a console game because there where the ultimate gaming experience is found, and EA sucks any way, they dont deserve any petty!

LeonSKennedy4Life3445d ago

How is it lame? They do this so you jerks won't steal it...but obviously that didn't work. Even if there was NO DRM on it, you would all steal it.

"You have no soul." - Dante

agentace3445d ago

haven`t played it tho cant be assed

waltercross3444d ago

Yeah you Pirates are bad people, verwy verwy bad, now be good!. LOL

Just relax, the game is selling well, Pirates only help spread
the Love, Buyers help spread the money, so see It's a happy
world after all. :)

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Microsoft_Spokesman3445d ago

I have to admit, that I was one of the people that "borrowed" the game of the internet.

KiddyBrownTurd3445d ago

*reported to the FBI and MI5*

Pain3445d ago

and its crappy DX 9/10/11 pile of crap M$ code.

M$ fault.

Microsoft_Spokesman3445d ago

The game? It's fine. It's not my cup of tea though, I find the cell part pretty boring.

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