PALGN: Part Two of our Steve Fawkner Interview

PALGN writes: "As heard on Episode 42 of the PALGN Podcast, complete with written transcript, we recently spoke to Steve Fawkner, CEO of Infinite Interactive about all things Puzzle Quest.

In part two of the interview, we discuss his experience in the industry, his opinions on R18+ ratings and what to expect from future Puzzle Quests. In case you can't grab the entire Episode 43 of the PALGN Podcast, here is a transcript of our interview with Steve.

PALGN: Turning to yourself and Infinite Interactive as well - you've had an extremely varied background. Apparently you've been through medicine, you've been through mining, monorails - how did you end up in the games development industry?

Steve Fawkner: I think I'm a bit slow, it just takes me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do [laughs]. I'd always been writing games, since I was seventeen years old. I wrote my first one when I was seventeen and I think I sold thirty-two copies of it. The way I sold games back then was I'd take them to a games convention on an audio tape and you'd just give them to people to copy as there was this whole huge piracy scene happening and I would leave a message at the end of the game, 'If you like this game please send five dollars to Steve Fawkner at: address.' Thirty-two people actually sent me some money, so I sold my first game when I was seventeen years old. "

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