Some at Sony Wanted to Wait for E3 to Reveal The Last of Us: Part II; Ellie Plays Differently

During a panel at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, presented by Sony Interactive Entertainment, The Last of Us: Part II Creative Director Neil Druckmann shared some interesting details.

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-Foxtrot717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

Maybe they should have but who cares it's done

Kingthrash360717d ago

I'm glad they didnt....might mean gameplay by E3.
Everyone is hype to know that it's confirmed to be happening. This is a story that needed to continue imo. I hope there is a trilogy.
Tlou is naughty dogs ps4 game
Uncharted ps3
Jak and dax ps2
Crash ps1
I'll start a petition for a SiFi ps5 game ;-)

itBourne717d ago

Wont be gameplay at E3, game is way to far off. I doubt they will even mention it at E3.

MetalGearsofWar717d ago

They were supposed to make a Scifi game, remember? Im guessing it got cancelled.

Aloy-Boyfriend717d ago

A scifi game was never confirmed. It was just them thinking about where to go next, along with some atwork one of their artists shared from his portfolio

So no! They were not supposed to make a scifi nor cancelled it

darthv72717d ago

Damn i still haven't beaten the first. I should def do that before the sequel. I dont know if i should continue my efforts on the ps3 or splurge and play it on ps4.

freshslicepizza717d ago (Edited 717d ago )

it's great to see a teaser and sony knows how to excite it's fanbase years in advance but don't expect this to come out until sometime in 2018. then in 2019/2020 the ps5 will arrive.

i'm not sure if it's a benefit or not to show games this early but ps4 sales tell me it doesn't matter either way.

Kingthrash360717d ago mean like
Cup head shown 2013...not released
Quantum break (shown at reveal 2013...released 2016)
Below shown 2014....not released
Crackdown shown 2014.. not released
Fable shown 2013....cancelled
Phantom dust shown 2014 the abyss
Cloud spoke about at launch....nothing
I mean I can go on.

Kryptix716d ago


Ssshh, give them this one moment to downplay all the good things that happened at PSX 2016...

Nah, I'm just joking, hit em with that truth! lol

Glad they've showed a sneak preview towards what's happening with The Last of Us 2. A lot of people were theory crafting or just wanted separate stories, away from Joel and Ellie, but this confirms that they're back, negating that. ...Which I'm looking forward to because these characters were extremely well done and likable.

I honestly don't expect gameplay at E3, but I do expect a gameplay reveal at next year's PSX which to be honest, is a smart move by Sony as they can spread dope game reveals and so on across the year, keeping everyone excited for PlayStation's offerings.

Also, the reason why I say PSX 2017 to be the time of the gameplay reveal is because Days Gone is still a factor and I doubt they'll squeeze 2 post apocalyptic games in the same segment. I know the games aren't similar like that, but it would be better to spread those 2 games apart even though I actually wouldn't mind, but TLoU 2 gameplay would be another super megaton for PSX.

Whatever though, I hope they add a co-op survival mode or even a few co-op chapters like Uncharted 3 did with Nathan and Sully. If Ellie plays differently to Joel, then imagine what kind of tactical combos you can perform.

freshslicepizza716d ago


that list is minimal compared to the list of ps4 games that have been delayed. ironically poloyphony digital said the ps4 would not be like the ps3 and games would be much easier to make. yet gt7 was supposed to come out before 2016! what's going on? almost every game shown by sony's 1st party studios has faced delays.

Kingthrash360716d ago

Look I'm not gunna hate but it's minimal because xbox has wayyyy less games. The ps4 has much more games now and announce for the future. Tell me, what games are coming for the xbox that we haven't heard about a year ago?...1? 2?..0??

Ceaser9857361715d ago

E3 will get a TLOU 2 gameplay.. this scene which was shown at psx 2016 was shot sometime two years ago from now and druckmann said we gonna share more infos in few months hinting at E3 ..

Death stranding
Days gone
and there's also a sucker punch game in development...
E3 2017 gonna be something

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716d ago
DashArrivals717d ago

Well, in hindsight, I'm glad they ended the PSX conference with The Last Of Us 2. It was epic. At E3, they can still show more Detroit Become Human, Days Gone, God Of War, Sucker Punch's new IP, and I'm sure many other great new and upcoming titles. Relax Sony, you got dis.

Aloy-Boyfriend717d ago

No no actually I'm glad they did. This means a gameplay reveal for E3, which will be a lot better

Cmv38717d ago

I'm glad they showed it. Puts a bit of importance on their own event over e3. All eyes were on Sony and Sony alone today, and their delivered.

Plus i think e3 will be crowded with switch and Scorpio, will be hard to steal the show. But maybe game play will be present.

Paytaa716d ago

As a longtime Xbox player primarily, this is a prime example as to why Sony keeps their position as the "king" in the console space.

The amount of emotions invoked watching TLOU2 trailer is something I haven't felt in so long. It's simply beautiful what Naughty Dog has created.

G20WLY716d ago

You're a rare breed, Paytaa. If only there were more gamers as mature as you.

showtimefolks717d ago

why do people think the 2nd team at ND were sitting and doing nothing the last of us 2 is a 2018 title for sure.. it's not way way of

this ideology that because R* are working on RDR2 that a smaller team isn't working on gta 6

Mr_Creative_25717d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Because Sony takes forever to announce and get games out.

Edit: LMAO at the dislikes. I was just answering his question. It's a known fact that Sony takes awhile with their games. It's understandable why some people thought the game was way off.

MatrixxGT717d ago

Well at least they didn't announce a release date that won't be upheld.

fenome717d ago

But there's so many games to play in the meantime...are you actually complaining?

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