Amazon's Under $15 Video Games Sale For PS4

"Amazon is running a bunch of video games on sale for PlayStation 4 discounting up to 48% off. Deals include Brothers $11, LEGO Jurassic World $12, Dishonored Definitive Edition $12, Thief $10 and more!"

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S2Killinit743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

Republique 13
Dishonored 12
Thief 10
God of War III remaster 12
Minecraft 12
Among others, not bad.

blackblades743d ago

You can get them cheaper on psn when they go on sale, but if you want physical then go right ahead and get these now.

zivtheawesome743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

holy crab TLOU part 2 was beautiful

FunAndGun743d ago

hurry, attack its weak point for massive damage!

S2Killinit743d ago

haha yes it was. I couldn't believe it! and now the wait.