PALGN: Spiderman: Web of Shadows Preview

Spiderman has had his fair share of video games based around him over the past few years, including some ideas based directly on the popular movie releases, and a couple that are a little more left-of-centre that focus on the comic books as their main source of narrative. The games had a strong showing to begin with; being able to swing from building to building high off the ground and simply cruising around an open city in this fashion is a major selling point, and is fun on a basic level of 'wheee, I'm Spiderman!'.

In many other areas however, things weren't up to scratch, and as more games were released, the free-flowing nature of being able to swing around aimlessly became a little less exciting, and so the shortcomings of the other areas of gameplay became a bit more obvious. It's with baited breath, then, that PALGN is anticipating the next Spidey game, Spiderman: Web of Shadows - and they got to play it for themselves at Activate 08 to see how it's shaping up before it's November release.

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Silogon3535d ago

The only thign this game has going for it is the original story not tiedinto any stupid ass movie. Teh gameplay look the exact same as the others. Non controllable and too loose to be considered intuative. Spiderman games should be more dependant on the character and not the camera. The camera in all spiderman games, if you haven't noticed is what you control. It's too wide and swooping. You don't so much control spiderman as you do the stupid ass camera in them.

Then top this off with how lame the controls are and how they are dependant on doing combos that are all the same, you have a game set to fail.