Peter Molyneux interview

Peter Molyneux has admitted to OXM that "there's low spots in Fable II"

Amongst the problems he is quoted talking about include the lip-sync, animation, navigation and the dog that accompanies you. Molyneux also says that there are "low spots."

"It's no one's fault that these low spots are there, it's just there's a lot to this game," he explains.

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Splenda143472d ago

why does not fix this low spots

mohib-uddin79865323472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Is this guy trying to be modest even before the game comes out? when somones modest it mostly means "somone thinks" highly of his (peter molenyoux) work

he gives me the impression that "he" think people will really really love his game !

he probably thinks people will think highly of his work !!! ignorant ?

Rick Astley3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Too late to fix those "low spots" lol. The game went gold weeks ago.

Peter Molyneux is very arrogant. He thinks his games are "scientific achievements" even though he's never made a game that scored above 90% on Metacritic. He also believes that he's the king of innovation. Kinda reminds me of Denis Dyack. Now I've heard from various sources that Fable 2 has frame rate issues but I won't say Too Fable just yet 'cause I don't think Fable 2 will be as bad as the abomination known as Too Human. ;)

HighDefinition3472d ago

To say about your own game.

Not saying it`s gonna be the same thing, but......this sounds alot like something Denis Dyack would say about Too Human. He said wierd statements like that before it`s release.

MURKERR3471d ago

doesnt surprise me dvd9 is old-gen

get ready for the FEEBLE 2 comments

Saint Sony3471d ago

Especially the ones with loads of content and story.
In most games these these "low spots" are environmental detailing etc, but sometimes more important issues are passing quality control while still unpolished.

I have high hopes for Fable II, but news like these does not make me happy.

FreestyleBarnacle3471d ago

Mr. Astley, go back to the day when Populous was released and tell me Molyneux never innovated. You remember 1989 don't you? When you had a career. Go forward to Magic Carpet and look at some scientific achievement.
P.S. Sorry about the career jibe, it was a low blow but the timing was to perfect to resist.

marinelife93471d ago

I actually thought that was rather big of him to admit before the game actually comes out.

Scrooge3471d ago

Did anyone even read the damn article? Or just look at the title and comment. The title of this article was only one sentence in the whole interview. Read it, he says great things about Fable 2.

MiloGarret3471d ago

maybe he was just being honest? I don't know, seems like a cool and honest guy in this interview where he talks about random stuff:

TheDude2dot03471d ago

This is strange. Usually developers want to say their games are good. I'm not really sure what this guy is trying to accomplish.

BlackTar1873471d ago

One was weak be honest its was way over rated but this looks sweet. Give it a chance people just because you don't like it doesn't mean its garbage or flopped whatever you want to say. I hope some of you ahter realize someday that this bicking and hate for a console in specfic is stupid and your only screwing yourself in the end. I hope you do it before to long so you can see all around what a great thing is to be openminded and hit with all these titles. instead of ebing limited and forced to hate.

madmike3471d ago

fu..k off back up sonys crack

PimpHandStrong3471d ago

i havent read one comment here and this is long past debate time

This is very very clever!

If Kojima came out and told us all "Yea the movies can get long but i had to tie up lose ends" ppl whould have had no where to take the FLAMEBAIT

in fact

ppl would have been in more AWE of the just plain "hugeness" of the story!

is hugeness a word...haha

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silverchode3472d ago

get ready with the ytmd sites :)

AngryXbot3471d ago

Didnt I said this before?

8 out of 10. And thats being generous.

Blu Ray33471d ago

What's with the Sony fanboy tripe in here on this 360 thread.
A lot of threatened SDF members in here.
Fable 2 will be wonderful when it's released to the world.

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Killjoy30003472d ago

Although I know this game won't meet the same fate as games like Too Human, Peter's comment has Dennis Dyack written all over it lol. It just brings me back to the post Too Human days.

The gaming GOD3472d ago

Molyneux didn't go to a forum and draw a battle line and say " are you for or against Fable 2" like Dennis Dyack did.

With all the negativity Too Human was getting even before Dyack did that, him doing what he did was the icing on the cake.

Molyneux is humble whereas Dyack was just flat out stupid

Killjoy30003471d ago

I'm well aware of the important figure that Peter Molyneux is, and his position in the industry. I'm simply stating that that line is something Dennis Dyack would state.

The gaming GOD3471d ago

I agree it does sound very much like something Dyack would say. No argument there. I just meant he is far more humble about it than Dyack

LinuxGuru3472d ago

Somebody should tape Peter Molyneux's mouth shut until the game is released.

He just ends up filling people with disappointment.

NewSchoolGamer3472d ago

Too Human all over again? LOL J/K, I expect Fable 2 to be a good game and get above average around the "B" score.

The game looks awesome and I wish it was on the PS3. But honestly I'm gonna be too busy with LBP to even remind myself about that game.

shutupandplay3471d ago

Fuuny, I`ll be too busy playing a cool story, leveling up my characters and doing side quests to worry about making a sackboy jump around.