TeamXbox: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "We've been able to view Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway a number of times over its development, and with the game being released less than two weeks away, we're able to give you one more peek before it hits store shelves.

As you'd expect, if you're a veteran of the BiA series, Hell's Highway puts an emphasis on the dramatic with a presentation that's equal parts shooter and war movie. When you hit certain spots in the gameplay, you'll kick into a high-energy cutscene…and nothing is spared to make it exciting. Much like the start of "Saving Private Ryan," there'll be casualties all around Matt Baker, the character you control, as he charges forward. And then it's back to the interaction, usually with the need to make some immediate decisions."

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IaMs123598d ago

okay i havent seen to many videos of this game but the video i did see of the gameplay looked rather uh well the graphics werent so hot...